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Martina P. says:
"It is by far the best stroller"
and gives the Espiro Next Avenue

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It is by far the best stroller

  • The canopy is so variable on both parts of the system that you don't need a sunshade - very practical
  • Goes very easily, as if sitting well on the road
  • Suitable for extreme terrain - I live in a small village where there are terrible sidewalks
  • It has a handle that you can comfortably move the carry cot with when the baby falls asleep, and you can put the cot on the couch
  • The carry cot can be put onto the cot stand. After a walk you can put the sleeping baby in the pram on the stand - extremely practical
  • The seat unit can be put on both in the direction of travel and against the direction of travel
  • Apron is insulated
  • Mosquito net in the hood from the inside, in the zipper
  • Waterproof covers, beads of water run down the stroller when it's raining
  • Large basket that can handle larger purchases and can be zipped up - you won't get things mixed up
  • The stroller is cushioned and can be rocked

It's my third stroller, I have two kids. It is by far the best stroller with a lot of gadgets, and especially practical.

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