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  • feels very strong
  • durable
  • flat seat position
  • great quality
  • comfortable handle
  • a bit heavy

I live on the country side and I love it.

Strong and sturdy

  • strong and sturdy
  • great suspension
  • long seat with much room
  • completely flat
  • long canopy
  • fabrics don't fade
  • made in Europe
  • parasol did not have the best fit
  • hard to pronounce :)

Absolutely gorgeous!

Very sturdy and very very heavy

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Heavy
  • Security issues with safety belt
  • Seat unit does not cover completely for wind or snow/rain
  • Expensive

Its a very sturdy stroller and very very heavy. It's somewhat easy to man over as long as you don't have any items in the basket. Unfortunately, I had an issue with the new chassis where one of my wheels kept on falling off. Once I got to flat seat unite.

I noticed that the sun canopy does not completely cover the seat and leaves some gaps on the sides. The safety belt does not allow you to tighten it around your baby leaving you to either buy an additional pad or to skip the should straps. Overall the fabric appears rushed and cheap, with threads hanging all around. A pretty expensive stroller at least for me since I could only use it for 6 months.

The handles are very weak


The handles are very weak. Mine is 8months old and it is already broken. Both left and right hand. Expected much for the price.

  • high-quality
  • sturdy
  • unique-looking
  • roomy bassinet
  • foldable bassinet
  • long seat surface
  • basket accessibility
  • foldable frame
  • on the heavy side
  • the canopy could be even longer in the lie-flat position

We already owned an Emmaljunga pram (an older one), so I went for the same brand with my second. I liked the NXT90 for the cool, modern look and the robust feel. And it didn't disappoint. Thanks to the large front wheels, it goes over anything. And I mean anything.

After more than a half year, it's still like new. I like that other prams we meet look very different, so we stand out on the street. The bassinet can be folded for transport, which we used a few times. The storage basket is nicely sized and accessible. The frame, even if heavier and sturdy, folds reasonably well even for a mid-sized car boot. The NXT 90 is a reliable "tank," and as such, I can recommend it.

  • reversible, lie-flat seat
  • spacious carrycot
  • handle adjustment
  • lifting it up a curb is a struggle
  • brake is hard to activate/deactivate

The frame started to squeak and got looser after a few months (mainly around the handle part). I am disappointed about the quality - I expected much more for the price.

  • Looks good
  • Pleasant to use with the carrycot for newborn
  • The newborn can sleep overnight in the carrycot
  • Fabric easy to clean
  • Too big for city shopping
  • Not study enough for country walks
  • The tyre constantly going flat, hard to get repaired in the UK
  • Hard to maneuver
  • Does not fold away neatly, takes up the whole boot space
  • All catches very stiff - so hard to fold up
  • Bad design on the handlebar, the leather has ripped because of how it folds

I've had more problems with this pram than I can count! I'm currently on my second child, and yes... it's lovely for sitting in the garden, very spacious for a seven-month-old, but as soon as we go out, problems with flat tyres, handlebars, and maneuvering all came flooding back. In the 3 yrs I've owned it, I've had 7 flat tyres, a new front wheel, new brackets on the handlebar, and problems with the catches that remove the seat. The correspondence with Emmajlunga customer services is poor, there have been periods where I've waited for new parts that took months, ended up buying a city jogger which I love, and used pretty much all the time with my 1st born. Now gotta get that out for my 7-month-old, because on our first outing after lockdown, two flat tyres. Can I get an inner ring from anywhere???.... of course not!!!

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