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Poor manoeuvring

  • Large canopy against the sun
  • High handles with eco-leather
  • Lightweight and easy to store in the suitcase
  • Beautiful pattern
  • Adjustability of the legs
  • Full reclining
  • Large basket
  • Hidden pocket for mobile phone and keys in the canopy
  • Poor manoeuvring (8 wheels)
  • When the baby was put to lie down, I couldn't pull anything out of the basket
  • Sound of foam wheels after a bit of wear
  • Foam wheels

My first Elodie Details stroller was from collection 2, Graphic Grace.

  • sturdy
  • easy to steer
  • canopy extension

This is so easy to operate with just one hand. Solid, super sturdy, really good quality. There is an extension canopy, which is great. For me, top buggy. I am totally happy with it and that I have tried a lot of buggies and other pushchairs. Plus they already have a leather cover on the foam handle so nothing peels or rolls down.

Ideal for the city and shopping

  • Positioning up to a lie flat
  • XXL sunhood
  • One-hand folding
  • Storage basket
  • Hood bag for parent
  • Travel bag
  • Design
  • I am missing a child's belly bar
  • Stroller weight
  • Front double wheels
  • When the baby is lying down, you can't get into the basket

It's a great buggy for running around the shops and moving quickly. It can't handle any terrain, of course, but it's ideal for the city and shopping. We also take it on holiday.

Happy with it

  • Easy handling
  • Low weight of the pushchair

Happy with this pushchair.

  • Design
  • Foldability
  • Leather handles
  • Full recline
  • Long leg rest
  • Difficult handling (as with probably every umbrella buggy)

We have only used it once on vacation. The big plus is that it took up very little space. For me, it's a great stroller for travelling, for the plane, but for us, it's not for everyday strolling...

The wheels occasionally jam; the lying area cannot be put in a complete lie flat; the fabric gets dirty quite quickly; nothing can be put in the basket when the child is asleep. Otherwise, the design is very beautiful, just not the most practical.

Didn't meet my expectations

  • nice design
  • large sleeping space
  • quality brand
  • long for the trunk of the car when folded
  • cannot be pushed with one hand
  • small shopping basket
  • can't reach the basket when the little one is lying down
  • umbrella style buggy, so a bit of a rattle

I quickly sold it as it didn't meet my expectations.

Very disappointed

  • the fabrics got dirty quickly
  • very difficult to clean
  • inaccessible basket when the child is lying down
  • short leg rest
  • short shoulder straps
  • rattles

I was very disappointed with this stroller. The only plus was the beautiful design.

Minuses: the fabric got dirty quickly - all it took was a light rain -> and very difficult to clean as it is not machine washable. Inaccessible basket when the baby sleeps - very few things fit in there. Short leg rest. Short shoulder straps. Unsuitable for bad trails, rattles.

  • Otherwise compact
  • Lighweight
  • Roomy
  • Small basket that cannot be reached when the little one is napping

Overall the buggy was great, but when folded, it doesn't fit in a small trunk.

A good buggy for the city, but also for broken village roads. Even handled 3 km of forest road and still looks good.

  • pretty
  • color fading
  • swivel wheels are difficult to get to swivel
  • the fabrics get stained quite quickly, and it is very visible

It didn't take my breath away, to be honest. No, rather than yes...

An overpriced buggy is what it is. Beautiful to look at, but for me, only real use could be for holidays in a resort. Other than that, I have no patience with those rattly wheels.

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