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  • Basket
  • Large-ish bassinet
  • The handle can completely loosen when leaning into it
  • Decorative wheel covers widen the wheelbase - and make it hard to get into the old doorways
  • The canopy is bad
  • Despite the springs being loose, it doesn't rock well
  • The seat has more of a semi-recline, which for a curious child who wants to watch, ends up constantly pulling forward
  • The back adjustment is zipped rather than belted

The stroller was recommended to us but was rather disappointing. It is light, easy to fold that is its advantage, it has a spacious and large basket, but... The handle can completely loosen when leaning into it, and you really don't want that when getting off the metro. It has decorative covers on the wheels which widen the wheelbase - and make it hard to get into the older doorways. The canopy is bad, it comes loose and doesn't hold its shape. It also doesn't rock well despite the springs being loose. And the sports seat is rather semi-reclined, which, for a curious child who wants to watch around, turns out to be a thing that constantly makes the child hold on to the belly bar and pull forward. Unfortunately, the back adjustment is zippered rather than belted, which means not as much adjusting to the needs of both you and the child.

I loved the large wheels and the quality frame. Also used the spacious bassinet a lot - about 8 months. I missed an adjustable leg rest, though. And the basket is not the most accessible when the child is sleeping in the pushchair. Overall, a good value for money (p.s. we bought it second-hand).

The suspension disappointed

  • sturdy
  • large inflatable wheels
  • not the most modern design
  • missing suspension
  • missing a reversible seat
  • price

I was sold this based on the seller claiming an all-terrain ride. The suspension disappointed, though - it looks like it should be there but isn't much. The kid was shaken on dirt roads or gravel. I also missed a reversible seat and a longer canopy when the seat was reclined.

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