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Quite happy with it


Quite happy with this one.

The golden middle way

  • Pretty
  • Stylish
  • Reversible seat
  • Inflatable wheels must be purchased extra

The golden middle way.

  • Spacious
  • Reversible
  • Option of inflatable wheels
  • Large basket
  • Stylish
  • It quickly starts to squeak
  • When driving, the caps on the positioning handle knock
  • Loose frame
  • Inflatable wheels wear quickly

I was happy with the stroller, but I was disappointed that the frame quickly gets loose. I bought it brand new and had to buy a bag and inflatable wheels extra. I used it for less than 3 months and it rattled like it was 3 years old. Too bad. Otherwise rather nice.

I was very satisfied, but the colour faded quickly.

This leather is beautiful


It's great. This leather is beautiful. We are happy with the pram.

The stroller is great, I am satisfied with it. We just replaced the wheels with inflatable ones, because the plastic ones were not ok for me.

  • Lightweight chassis
  • Spacious
  • Extra cot, car seat, bag can be purchased
  • Inflatable wheels can be purchased
  • Great looks
  • Price
  • Reverses to face both directions
  • Quite a large shopping basket
  • No suspension

For me a totally cool stroller. At first, with the first child, we only had a pusuchair, and then we also bought a car seat and a cot for the second child. I consider it quite an advantage that you can buy everything for it extra - because with only a few strollers is this possible.

It is much lighter compared to other 3 in 1 stroller systems, due to the lighter frame. The cot/bassinet is, although it may not seem it at first glance, spacious enough. The baby fits in there just fine even with a footmuff, I had my son in the cot until he was seven months old. And the seat unit too, I can't fault that. It is spacious, it can be positioned in a full reclining position, it faces both directions. I can fit my fourteen-kilogram three-year-old daughter in it.

It's a nice and practical stroller, but only for the city. It is unsuitable for off-road use due to the fact that it is not sprung at all. It's also a bit harder to handle on very uneven surfaces, but even that can be dealt with quite nicely by buying inflatable wheels. It will help a bit. Some people complain about it rattling - we don't have a problem with that. Also, as for fading, maybe I'm lucky, but the seat is the dark grey one and I've used it for two summers with my daughter and now a third with my son and the colour is as it was when I bought it, so I don't know 😀 Oh well.

I'm happy with it, I chose it because of it's lightness and because it doesn't look chunky at all. And for the price, it's really nice.

A really good pushchair

  • Lightweight
  • Easily foldable into the car
  • Modern design
  • Spacious basket under the stroller
  • I have a blue one - the paint comes out in the sun (both from the canopy and from the leatherette handle)
  • Low rims, a little harder to handle in tricky terrain

For me a really good pushchair. Lightweight, perfect for trips or shopping. Fits comfortably in a smaller car trunk. For me, great satisfaction - I would definitely buy it again.

We kept it for our second child

  • Up to lie-flat, the positioning
  • Folding in one piece
  • Design
  • Option to buy inflatable wheels - then the stroller was great
  • Reversible bassinet
  • I used it in town and occasionally on smaller terrain, and it handled even smaller terrain well, although the suspension isn't great
  • Rubber wheels at extra cost (but you couldn't do without them)
  • Not for much terrain

Overall satisfaction, we kept it for our second child 😊

  • very nice design, elegant
  • possibility to put the child completely lying down
  • long enough when lying down
  • huge canopy
  • really large shopping basket
  • window in the canopy and mesh for ventilation
  • tall enough for taller people
  • absolutely unsprung
  • it's a rattle
  • over time, the wheels come apart and the frame squeaks
  • difficult to ride up a curb
  • even the slightest bump was a problem
  • common potholes on sidewalks – it doesn't handle

I bought the stroller at a time when my son would no longer fit in the bassinet, but at the same time he would not sit. But I wanted something for my height - 178 cm - and not too expensive, because when I chose my first stroller I didn't know my way around and bought a great one, but it was way too low for me... so I found this one. Quite a lot of features for not so much money, but as I got more familiar with strollers over time, I wouldn't buy it again – but it served me well :)

I see the absolute lack of suspension as the biggest drawback. It's originally a 3in1 stroller system, so now I know there are more cushioned pushchairs, too. The video review does mention springs, but you absolutely can't feel that with a normal load inside the stroller. It's just a rattle suitable only for perfect, smooth terrain, probably like an airport :) And going up a curb is impossible - I always had to turn around and reverse, lifting the stroller to stand on the front wheels - and so go out on the curb.

Also, the suspension of the wheels on the sides and the lack of some center bar made the stroller, or wheels, come apart and squeak more and more as my son gained weight. I see the absolute lack of suspension and the wheels coming apart as the biggest drawbacks. Only two, but quite serious. You can buy inflatable wheels though, but it didn't help much and from a certain weight of my son I had to change them back to plastic ones, as the inflatable ones were getting punctures more than they would have been in the whole 😁

The pluses are mainly the ample handle height (I'm 178cm), a really generous spacious shopping basket, the ability to ride in both directions and the ease of changing the parts, the full recline and large canopy with ventilation, and the fairly long, albeit narrower, seat surface.

  • Full recline, individually adjusting backrest and leg rest
  • Reversible seat unit
  • Simple fold
  • Design
  • \Hard\" ride"
  • Not a good driveability without the optional air-filled wheels
  • Creaking, squeaking sounds of the chassis
  • Chassis scratches easily

It rattles - without those optional air-filled wheels. The ride is quite hard, and when popping up curbs, I feel like the handlebar (or some joint) will crack. In general, I cannot recommend this pushchair.

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