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  • Large carrycot
  • Good to ride with
  • Extended hood
  • Large basket
  • Seat can be reclined, it's better foldable, can face in and against direction of travel
  • Very bulky in the trunk of a car with the carrycot
  • Difficult to inflate the front wheels

We have the Dorjan Basic Comfort and we are satisfied with it. It has a few disadvantages, but the pros outweigh them. It can handle the terrain and dirt roads.

It was worth the wait

  • Large bassinet
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Front wheel lock
  • Suitable for the forest
  • Well sprung
  • Storage space
  • Extendable canopy
  • Wind screen
  • Sometimes one of the two wheels doesn't brake
  • The only thing missing is a brake on the handle

The stroller arrived much later than it was supposed to, but still on time. And it was worth the wait.

Never again a Polish stroller

  • Looks
  • Bassinet attachment
  • Wheels deflate for no reason
  • Stupid system of both bags

I personally got a different colour than I wanted, but I liked it, so the shop was lucky :-D The stroller is very nice, but the bassinet is getting dirty and one wheel is always getting deflated - there was something wrong with it from the beginning. The zipper on the (storage) bag is falling out and I don't like the space of the #2 bag.

Never again a Polish stroller - not much good about it apart from the looks, and they even don't let you have the colour you wanted 😂

  • Large bassinet
  • Super steering
  • Good covers
  • Large shopping basket
  • Good bag
  • ...yes, low price too
  • The seat unit is a bit too robust

A lot of music for little money. Beautiful, spacious, suitable for any use. I would buy it again.

An excellent choice


We have it, an excellent choice 👍👍👍

  • Large
  • Spacious
  • Good steering
  • It's big, it'll just about fit in the elevator
  • Brakes wear out fast
  • If the bag is heavier than 0.5 kg, the front wheels start to roll to the sides

We bought the stroller as a 3in1 combination including the bag and accessories. So far we have tested the bassinet and car seat.

Perfect for off-road walking

  • big air-filled tires
  • good suspension
  • sturdy
  • big carrycot can be used for a long time
  • backrest can be reclined fully
  • heavy
  • hard to fold
  • not practical for storing and putting in and out of a car

Good, sturdy stroller suitable for all terrain. Perfect for off-road walking. Soft basket, easy to store things in. It has many accesories.

Excellent price-performance ratio

  • Large selection of colour combinations
  • With those wheels I can ride over any terrain
  • Adjustable handle covered with quality leatherette (no scuffing at all)
  • Plenty of room in the stroller and cot
  • Easy to handle, nice looks (I can drive with one hand while walking)
  • Wheels are quiet, large canopy (especially in the body) covers a large part
  • Well sprung
  • Slightly larger size and weight, but it is simply a robust model

Excellent price-performance ratio, definitely worth it. A very nice stroller.

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