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I recommend it with all my heart


I recommend the Dada Paradiso Stars with all my heart.

  • Nice
  • Rocking
  • The wheels can be locked
  • The basket is zip-closing, nothing falls out
  • The cot is adjustable, backrest can be inclined
  • Easy to clean
  • The hood is sufficiently protective, it can be locked in various ways
  • Difficult to squeeze the buttons to bend the hood to position it... sometimes you squeeze until your fingers hurt
  • The brake pedal is sometimes difficult to brake off
  • Small basket
  • The leg cover on the seat doesn't protect your child enough from wind, cold; and the cover on the cot is not that high
  • I would accept one more position on the seat unit, the baby can't lean back when sitting
  • The side plastic covers on the metal frame pop out and as there are rivets underneath, not screws, they will pop out all the time because it can't be fixed

Pretty good. For the money it's not a bad choice, but I wouldn't buy it again.

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