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  • Relatively large wheels for a travel model
  • Full recline
  • Extendable canopy
  • Easy and quick folding
  • Open seat
  • Not exactly the easiest to manoeuvre
  • Small basket

I didn't have any great expectations from this stroller, I bought it mainly out of curiosity. Supposedly it should be a compromise between a travel stroller and a full-fledged pushchair. I would rate it as a travel stroller with more versatile use, mainly due to the larger wheels and fairly sturdy construction.

In terms of child comfort, it's more on the level of a travel one (but one that's better) - the seat is quite open, but again, it can recline nicely. Also, the basket is "travel" only, very shallow, fits a raincoat, blanket and that's it. The advantage is the long canopy, in the summer it would be useful to have a ventilation option, but most travel strollers lack this feature.

It rides fine, except that maneuvering with one hand is quite difficult, also when going down the curb it's not quite easy, I think both of these imperfections of the ride are due to the fact that the rear wheels are close together. Folding is quick, easy, and relatively small in size once folded.

As a travel stroller that you can use outside of shopping malls, I recommend it - but I wouldn't want it as my only sports stroller.

I'm mainly giving points down because of the maneuverability, because that's a pretty essential thing for me in a travel stroller, for example, the Mutsy Nexo or Quinny Zapp Flex have a huge advantage in this.

  • Compactness
  • Weight of 7 kg
  • Lie-flat seatback recline
  • No belly bar

Not perfect, but still excellent in my opinion πŸ™‚ I bought it mainly for our holiday and traveling, while wanting it to be light anf easy to maneuver, compact, with an adjustable leg rest, reclining flat, and I wanted a bit larger wheels πŸ™‚ And all those boxes are ticked with this one πŸ‘πŸ»

They did accept it as a plane luggage on board, as there was enough free space πŸ‘πŸ» I can fold it with one hand, which is perfect, and it doesn't take much space at home, when folded πŸ™‚ The storage basket is OK for the buggy's size, it can take a load of grocery shoppin, a nappy bag, and my own bag. It does look small but there's quite some space over it, don't foget. I actually fit a funny wheels running bike in there (I swear πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™‚ just the handle protruded over the brake πŸ˜ƒ).

The foam wheels, well, I never had those before. I had to get used to them being a bit noisy on gravel and such, but that's ok. The thing I had to get used to with much more difficulty was the backrest that is attached to the rear part with a velcor strap. When my son got angry, he pulled himself forward and detached the velcro πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ The child won't fall out, no worries, jst it looks so funny when it's detached and the whole child WITH the backrest and all the fabric is bent all the way forward πŸ˜ƒ.

I find the missing belly bar a downside. But you can get one optionally πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Well, you could, now you can't, as it's sold out and there's a new model that has a belly bar already. You can survive without it, just I can't imagine a small, 7-8 month old baby without it in there (nbut that might be me) πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ.

It is a but hard to put a cosytoes inside - but it's doable. Eezy S+ mis an urban stroller and I live in a vllage (a vineyard-full of county) and we did tackle dirtroads, gravel, grass just fine. It was ok even on Thai roads, I mean, no roads-terrain as there are very few real roads where we traveled πŸ˜ƒ and sand, too πŸ‘πŸ». I blind-bought it online and I would do so again πŸ™‚. I am very happy with it, and my son, now over two years old, as well - even if he's already finishing his stroller days πŸ™‚

Price and performance are great

  • light
  • easy to fold
  • larger wheels
  • large canopy to protect the child from elements
  • easy to push (one-hand push is a breeze)
  • large basket for your bits and pieces
  • bad recline system
  • leg rest doesn't stay in the upper position, when I put a blanket over my child, it falls down 😏
  • the angle of the sitting position is bad - my child slides down as it is not upright

Price and performance of this pushchair with an eco leather push bar are great πŸ€” That is what my experience was.

Lightweight, all-terrain, shock-absorbing, compact, and with a large canopy.

I love the wheel size


I love the wheel size, compared to other ultra-compact at least. Comfy and spacious for my DD. Overall, a very nice, performing pushchair - even for everyday use and a toddler.

  • Lightweight - not the lightest but still great
  • Wheels - big enough to handle some terrain
  • Basket - useful size and quite easily accessible
  • Handle - high enough even for a higher parent
  • Full recline
  • Footrest
  • The rain cover comes at a price
  • Brake - took a bit of time to get used to
  • Thin materials used - not so well padded
  • Positioning - it is not one-handed
  • A bit fiddly, but that is really just a first impression
  • A hand bar needs to be bought separately

I am very glad I did listen to Eli's advice, after all.

I was looking for a pushchair - not for daily use in London, but it would have to perform in some terrain and on long strolls. My needs were as listed:
1. As light as possible as plenty of under/overground lines are not step-free and you need to carry the stroller over steps
2. We live near the Heath, so at least some terrain performance was a must. I don't use my pushchair a lot, but when we do we almost always use both public transport (so the lightweightness) and end up on the paths of the Heath
3. Big enough for a 20-month-old with space to grow
4. Handle comfortable for my 165 cm as well as hubby's 195
5. After the last experience, the back bar between the wheels far enough for me not to kick into it
6. A basket that could be easily accessible or/and bigger (at least one of those)

Eezy S+ really fulfilled all of the mentioned needs. It is not as light as Yoyo, and my first feeling was, that it is somehow more "fiddly", but it can be steered with the same ease and actually is easier to get over high steps (handy at my front door!).

I love the wheels. Of course, those are not an all-terrain model, but it surprises me how well the stroller handles different surfaces of the Heath. Whether some mud, gravels, grass, or nearly a forest-like path, I haven't had many issues to get over these obstacles. It is also great for uneven city pavements for anybody who wants to use a stroller for an actual stroll, not a walk in a shopping center (like really, who needs those tiny useless wheels that get trapped in a first crease?)

The shopping basket is not large, but surely bigger than Yoyo's, and it is quite easy to access. It also has a nice angle and walls so that you won't lose any of your precious toddler needs. Once I actually had a very dirty forgotten nappy falling under car wheels from another stroller's basket, so I am very grateful for this as well.

The seat, sides, and the canopy are made of thinner material, but I don't really need super endurance, but it doesn't look too appealing after a bit of use. However, the color choice is nice, and surely anybody will be able to find one that fits their style.

Positioning is not easy by no means. It is not difficult to figure out, but you need both your hands and a cooperating toddler to get them back to sit up. Also, the leg positioning is a bit fiddly, at least at my one, but I don't really mind.

It comes with a handy rain cover, although it lacks a hand bar. Luckily, you can buy one as an extra!

Eezy S+ is not the lightest nor the best for terrain or long strolls. However, if you are looking for a sensible compromise that will be light and small enough for everyday city life, but still agile in some terrain, I find it a great choice. It also won't break your budget. I am not giving it 10 because my ideal that would be sturdy enough to go to the top of Mt Blanc, but still 6,5kg of that doesn't simply exist.

You can fit it everywhere

  • Dimensions
  • Canopy
  • Chassis
  • Fold
  • Backrest adjustment

The Eezy S+ is very light, super handy, with very good handling. You cannot hear it while driving - excellent suspension. And you can fit it everywhere 😁 The baby is, even with all that, sitting or lying very comfortably. Ideal for traveling or for the city. The canopy is also cleverly designed, extendable. The only thing I criticize about it is the backrest adjustment system - they could have given it more thought. Or, perhaps, I just have to get used to it. Also, the fabrics are quite thin, but I don't mind. I have this stroller mainly for summer use. Harness belts are perfect, just like always with the Cybex brand. The handle is not height-adjustable, but it is long enough even for taller parents. Folding is simple - one-handed. For me, it's a handy, practical stroller for traveling πŸ˜‰

  • Weight of 7 kg
  • Weight capacity 18 kg - up until 4 years
  • Can be taken aboard a plane as a carry-on
  • Lays flat
  • Large canopy
  • Very nice suspension
  • Great even for downtown sidewalks with cobblestones
  • Bumper bar is not included

Great for riding in any terrain - walking our dogs (grass) or downtown walks on cobblestones... The front wheels are further apart (and rear ones closer), making it easier to push and more stable. It's narrow, lightweight, fits anywhere - even aboard a plane. Even under the kids' feet in the back, if the car boot is full. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

The only drawback is - since it's like an umbrella stroller - no bumper bar included... but you can buy it extra, which I did. I don't regret it. This stroller is worth it... it drives like a tank.

  • compact
  • lightweight
  • spacious
  • high backrest
  • good angle in the upright position
  • the suspension is there (even though mild)
  • hood with a window
  • sturdy enough chassis
  • bumper bar is sold separately

A fantastic stroller. High backrest with a very nice angle when in the sitting position. Quick to fold and lightweight - good even for small cars. The hood is adequate - one of the longer ones for this type of strollers (at least as I noticed when choosing it). Extraordinarily sturdy wheels with an actual suspension. We went through grass, gravel, bumps in the road... We did not use it in winter, though. Ideal for traveling.

  • maneuverability
  • wheels - suspension as well as some all-terrain ability
  • quite compact after folding
  • long backrest
  • extra-large canopy
  • thin fabrics result in a creased canopy
  • not great for really tall parents
  • a very open seating part
  • the backrest adjustment needs to be operated with two hands, and to get it up, even using up your knee :-)

This stroller stirred some contradictory emotions in me - when it arrived (I ordered it), I actually wanted to return it πŸ™‚ BUT - I gave it a second chance the next day.

In my opinion, it's a handy second stroller for trips and holidays... I wouldn't, personally, have it as an only stroller. The fabrics are quite thin, which is particularly visible on the canopy that looks creased. Its size is good; after stretching it and opening the sun visor, it reaches the bumper bar.

What may be bothersome to some is the foam on the handlebar and the plastic bumper bar without any cover. The bumper bar is at a good height and can be gate-open for better access. Without the bumper bar, the stroller is very open - it's missing there (so I sincerely recommend getting it).

The backrest is long enough and comfortable, even for older children. It is "broken" in one part - which is for folding reasons. The seat is comfortable and quite spacious. The footrest at a good height and the leg rest is adjustable. The total length of the sleeping surface is really as specified in the info here on Strollerbase.

The basket is large enough for all the essentials. Access is good even if the child is napping.

The wheels of the Eezy S+ appealed to me the most, I must say. I was very pleasantly surprised - we went through quite some harsh terrain, and with the exception of two situations where the front wheel got stuck in a big hole, the stroller went through everything very smoothly. The visible springs give one an impression of an almost "rocking" chassis, but it's not so. However, the ride is quite soft, so they do their job. Overall, I found the maneuverability being very good, and the height of the chassis suitable for parents of up to 175 cm (~5' 9") - higher than that, you'll have to be careful with your steps, or you'll kick into the rear axle. The handlebar is fixed - cannot be positioned.

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