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baja15 says:
"As a travel stroller that you can use outside of shopping malls, I recommend it"
and gives the Cybex Eezy S+

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  • Relatively large wheels for a travel model
  • Full recline
  • Extendable canopy
  • Easy and quick folding
  • Open seat
  • Not exactly the easiest to manoeuvre
  • Small basket

I didn't have any great expectations from this stroller, I bought it mainly out of curiosity. Supposedly it should be a compromise between a travel stroller and a full-fledged pushchair. I would rate it as a travel stroller with more versatile use, mainly due to the larger wheels and fairly sturdy construction.

In terms of child comfort, it's more on the level of a travel one (but one that's better) - the seat is quite open, but again, it can recline nicely. Also, the basket is "travel" only, very shallow, fits a raincoat, blanket and that's it. The advantage is the long canopy, in the summer it would be useful to have a ventilation option, but most travel strollers lack this feature.

It rides fine, except that maneuvering with one hand is quite difficult, also when going down the curb it's not quite easy, I think both of these imperfections of the ride are due to the fact that the rear wheels are close together. Folding is quick, easy, and relatively small in size once folded.

As a travel stroller that you can use outside of shopping malls, I recommend it - but I wouldn't want it as my only sports stroller.

I'm mainly giving points down because of the maneuverability, because that's a pretty essential thing for me in a travel stroller, for example, the Mutsy Nexo or Quinny Zapp Flex have a huge advantage in this.

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