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Not once have I regretted buying it

  • easy to handle
  • it is not loose
  • it is compact and yet provides plenty of space for the child
  • looks good, easy to walk with, wheels are sturdy
  • large canopy, hides the whole baby
  • the handle can be positioned
  • the basket is large
  • excellent system of fastening the child, as with car seats
  • the child can be put in a full reclining position, up to 5 positions
  • I found no cons

Not once have I regretted buying it.

  • Large hood
  • One-hand operation
  • Foldable
  • Positionable
  • I can't get into the basket properly while the baby is asleep

I had been looking for a buggy for a long time - I needed it to fit in my car and still have good driving characteristics. This Cybex is reclinable; the little one naps great in it because it is spacious. The canopy covers him all and no double umbrella handles, so easy to use. Definitely the best stroller for me.

The best umbrella buggy


I regret selling it. The best umbrella buggy. Comfortable for the baby. I don't know how it uses in the winter with a foomuff as we only used it in the summer.

We were extremely satisfied

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Well maneuverable
  • There's nothing to reproach from my side

We were extremely satisfied.

Compact, lightweight, practical. Good for the park as well as for the plane rides. Awesome!

The best


The best stroller for me and my baby.

  • easy folding
  • one joint handlebar
  • one wheel was loose a bit from the start

Very good. I didn't want a buggy, but this one is perfect. One joint handlebar and great folding. I will surely keep it for the second baby 😀

An excellent urban buggy


An excellent, elegant, lightweight buggy for the city :slight_smile:

Sincerely recommending it

  • umbrella-style fold
  • large canopy
  • single handlebar - folds when folding the stroller
  • no double wheels

I sincerely recommend the Callisto.

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