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I am very happy with the stroller, I will definitely choose this brand again for my second.

  • quality German product
  • compact enough
  • the seat part folds together with the chassis in one piece (no matter if it is folded towards the mother or towards the front)
  • bucket seat style
  • brake on the handle
  • ypsilon chassis shape is great to manoeuvre - like a tricycle, yet it's a quad :-D
  • narrow design - fits well in shops in narrow aisles
  • front foam wheels
  • when the child is unrestrained, I would accept a crotch strap on handle so the child doesn't slip out (like the Polish prams have)

If I have another kid in 3 years, I'm buying Concord again :-D

I love my Concord

  • Not wide 😉 fits even in narrow aisles in the store
  • Easy to operate/manipulate with one hand
  • Very handy and sturdy brake on the parent handle
  • Bucket seat
  • Quite deep hood coverage
  • Handy child handle release when you want to "let the baby out"
  • Easy to fold
  • Built-in rain cover in the child handle
  • Seat can face in both directions
  • Small storage space under the stroller (the basket can't carry larger purchases, unfortunately)
  • Canopy could be more practical, like the Fusion's 😊

I love my Concord 😉

Excellent stroller

  • Everything
  • Nothing

I can't get enough of Concord 😍 Excellent stroller.

Absolute happiness

  • Suspension
  • Hand brake
  • Large basket
  • Quality material - neoprene waterproof hood
  • Waterproof material on the whole stroller
  • Apron hidden in the handle
  • Easy maintenance - everything can be washed in the washing machine
  • Easy folding with seat in both directions
  • Suitable for off-road use
  • Comfortable for baby
  • Spacious, even with a footmuff there is plenty of room
  • Practical step for sibling
  • Nice design and colours
  • Practical bassinet - foldable
  • Short hood - I would accept a bit longer, although my younger daughter likes it best with the hood up

Absolute happiness with this stroller, I use it already with my second daughter. We went through everything with it. Practical, foldable, high quality.

Really awesome


Really an awesome stroller, it's just a pity that it has a bucket seat, which bothered us. Otherwise there is nothing to complain about. The construction is solid, scratch-resistant (which cannot be said about the Concord Wanderer). Quick to fold, doesn't take up much room in the trunk.

A bit heavier than others, but for me an absolute top. Easy to handle. The bassinet is not so huge, so I can fit it everywhere, and it doesn't get in the way. And what's great is that the bassinet can be used to carry a grandma in the car by strapping it with the harness.

It's mainly suitable for the city


It's quite alright, but it's mainly suitable for the city (small front wheels). Lightweight, portable.... I wouldn't buy it again because of that though.

Quite ok

  • A very lightweight pram
  • Carry cot usable as a car seat
  • Modern design

It's quite ok. Very light. I liked the design - it looked modern, also the possibility of using the carry cot as a car seat.

But I have reservations:
- I had a purple colour in combination with grey and black - the purple faded a lot, compared to e.g. the purple Britax I have at home, which keeps its colour
- I don't like the shape of the cot that much - specifically the rotating mechanism at the end of the cot, which regulates the height of the baby's lying or sitting position in the cot, its appearance reminds me of toothpaste
- the carseat has only a thinner slat as a roof, it could be thicker. In the car against the sun, it is enough; but if you want to put the egg on the frame and walk in cooler weather, not great.

THE stroller


Good quality, lightweight, easy to handle stroller. Waterproof materials, yet completely thin. For me, THE stroller!

Totally cool for the city


A little "house" on a leg, but totally cool for the city. Comfortable.

  • Good canopy
  • Handbrake
  • Suspension wheels
  • Bucket seating
  • Does not have a footmuff
  • Suitable for smaller children

I used the stroller for only half a year. It seemed quite small, but I liked the suspension of the wheels. What I didn't like about it was the reclining bucket seat style and the fact that it didn't have a normal, insulated footmuff.

Just right for me


Amazing stroller. Lightweight, spacious bassinet, just right for me. Lots of gadgets.

It has everything and much more


The perfect stroller - has everything and much more. Lightweight, easy to handle, spacious and nicely redesigned. Bath tub carrycot. Neoprene roof is thin and yet it's not blowing in, and it is waterproof. Seat unit is spacious, light, comfortable. The stroller does not fade in the sun.

  • Foldable
  • Nice timeless design
  • High quality
  • Solid
  • Good price
  • The canopy could block the sun more - could be more extendable

Maximum satisfaction with this stroller. The frame has lasted 2 children, it hasn't loosen up, the wheels are unworn - only the stroller has faded a bit from the sun because it was in a black/dark blue combination. Perfect for the city, going to the shops, everywhere I could get to with it. But it also handled walks over rougher terrain.

The bucket seat suited us, as our son didn't want to be in the bassinet - hence the crying, so we soon put him in the seat (as a four month old), which has a great positioning solution. Even when he wasn't sitting, he could see out, and thus was happy and lasted in the stroller.

The pushchair folds easily and fits in the Volkswagen Polo boot too. I was comfortable with the brake on the handle of the stroller. The rain cover is so elaborate - zipper, velcro, air circulation holes.

The small seat and also the bassinet

  • A little bit of cushioning
  • Takes up little space
  • There is a built-in apron in the belly bar
  • Reverses in both directions
  • Adjustable handle
  • Small
  • Narrow
  • Up to a maximum of 2 years of age of the child
  • Cannot extend the canopy
  • Loose frame
  • Urban stroller
  • Barely traversed a slightly rocky road
  • Small basket

The stroller was not to my liking... The small seat and also the bassinet. Suitable only for the city. I had an older type and it was not good...

A top-of-the-line pushchair... I would rate it 10 out of ten, but with the carrycot attached on the frame, the basket is hard to access... other than that the folding of the frame, the brake on the handle bar (no shoe gets dirty), the inclinable carrycot - just awesome 😍

Super lightweight and variable

  • Light
  • Compact for the car

Super lightweight and variable pram.

We bought the Concord Neo stroller, and it's the best stroller in the world ❤️

I have nothing to reproach


For me, this is a top-of-the-line pram. Beautiful shock-absorbing, pretty much rocks the baby; the small wheels have no problem on gravel or snow; the reversible bucket seat is very well designed and comfy... I have nothing to reproach. Just, maybe, a shame there's not even more space for a large toddler, otherwise, I would never get rid of it 😊

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