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  • Fully reclining
  • Large space for lying down
  • Large wheels
  • Reverse seating option
  • Suspension
  • Robustness
  • Weight
  • Bulkiness

I had a Wanderer - the predecessor to the Camino and it was good for off-road. The design is OK, it just looks awfully chunky. It's quite heavy and bulky in my opinion, but fine for walking.

  • All is awesome
  • There are none

Satisfaction as with the Concord Wanderer.

Excellent, and spacious


Excellent, and spacious. Full nap even in winter, with a footmuff, even with a larger toddler.

Massive, but compact

  • Suspension
  • Big wheels go over any terrain
  • Scout bassinet - foldable
  • Spacious seat
  • Seat can face both directions
  • High quality, truly waterproof material
  • Wheels can be easily clicked off
  • The hood cannot be folded all the way down - solved by buying a sun visor

As I changed 5 strollers with 1 daughter and stayed with Concord (Fusion), the choice with my 2nd child was clear. Satisfaction with everything. Yes, it is more robust, but not a disaster at all compared to strollers with inflatable wheels.

I have the Scout bassinet. My daughter had a birth weight of 4200g and 54cm and we used it until she was 6 months old, so you don't have to worry about the talk that it is narrow, small, etc. I fit my six month old in there with a footmuff.

The pushchair version is just great. The space is luxurious (that's why I chose it), it creates a bassinet effect when fully reclined - the baby is nicely covered from the sides, so in winter it doesn't blow in and in summer the sun doesn't shine on your kid.

The design of the frame cam rock the baby, it goes through terrain (any terrain) without waking up the baby. Controllable with one hand and in the other hand a large bag full of shopping, and the stroller still pushes beautifully off and on the curb.

I have nothing to complain about this stroller. Massive, but compact. Wheels like new after ten months of daily use. My husband said it is the best stroller we have had so far - and we have plenty of experience. If you're looking for a cushioned off-road stroller with a luxurious spacious seat, go for it.

Concord Camino is the best choice for my children to ride in any terrain. The "off-road talented framework" stands its word. Me and my wife have been using Camino for 3.5 years by now. Twice I have passed muddy/snowy hills fully loaded. And my children stayed sweetly sleeping through these initiation rides.

Camino was easy to maneuver even for my two-year-old child. Easy to pack the whole stroller into a smaller car, so it does not take place on the seats.

The only issue was with the back wheel. The fixing system was broken by intensive usage, but the new part was delivered within two days.

To conclude shortly. My wife and I have ridden many strollers as our friends are using them. Camino is one of the best. Highly recommending it (and I am not paid for this). Good job, guys of Concord!



Robust, light, off-road

  • suspension
  • easy to steer
  • quality frame
  • large wheels
  • I got none

Robust, light, off-road. Seat part very spacious and a light car seat.

  • Space in the seat
  • Backrest and leg rest adjustment
  • Wheels
  • Sturdy chassis
  • Waterproof fabrics
  • Brake style
  • Wheels start to squeak after some time
  • Short canopy

For me, it's an awesome pushchair. It tackles every terrain, and even while compact, the child can comfortably sleep in it even in a footmuff and winter overalls. Excellent recline and the folding system is also nice. It is, however, a more robust model with a very sturdy chassis.

The only thing I mind is the style of the brake - I don't like it.

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