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  • It is lightweight, operable with one hand and even with a load of shopping
  • Lightly cushioned
  • Large wheels
  • Positioning handle
  • Quick to fold and unfold
  • Spacious basket that keeps things from falling out
  • Wheels without pattern (can be changed at a bicycle repair shop)

I have the newer model with leatherette handles. Included in the price are inflatable wheels, a foot strap, an apron and a rain cover. It has an extendable canopy and a visor that can be folded in or unzipped completely.

Air wheels are perfect, with good valve position for inflation (inflating the wheels). It's not quite lying down, and it seems to me that the seat is not quite upright either, but more tilted backward...

The fabric has faded after the summer season (we had a blue one - like denim). The footrest is a complete disaster, at least for me... when you put a footmuff underneath, the baby is still protected, when it's just like that without it, and the baby is lying down, basically from the waist up it has no protection, only with a blanket and so on... For example, an almost 2 year old baby already has a problem folding up there to sleep, when he still has a footmuff. And the handle (leatherette) is soft on my son's teeth, who used it when I didn't pay enough attention to chew on... of course there were holes left.

Handling superb, perfect wheels that can handle even tricky terrain... easy folding.

I was still sometimes bothered by the net under the stroller, that it is not closed, as it is on prams at times... even though it fits quite a lot.

  • Easy manipulation even if the child is a larger one
  • Spacious and comfortable for the child

Absolute satisfaction. If I were to make a decision again, it would be the same type.

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