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All user reviews of Cleo 3v1 (Lux)

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Satisfaction :-)

The best


The best :-)

A great pram


A great pram, I definitely recomment it :)

It was great

  • Large wheels
  • A large pram - kids like to sleep in it
  • It had none

It was great. Carrycot used up to 9 months - my littel girl slept in it just fine. Pushchair'sseat was also big and comfortable.

  • Affordable, budget-frienldy 3 in 1 set
  • Probably as with every stroller with rubber wheels we caught a puncture once in a while - but again compared to the plastic ones it doesn't rattle so much at all

I recommend it! We were very satisfied. We are now using the same stroller with our 2nd baby.

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