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I wouldn't buy it again

  • large shopping basket
  • easy to fold
  • the foam on the handrails peeled off and slid down
  • cannot be operated with one hand at all
  • cannot be put into full recline
  • the apron did not hold

I bought this stroller based on the good reviews. But I wouldn't do it again. The handles started to peel after a while and the foam started to peel off. One handedly, you can't operate it at all, so not suitable for moms with two kids. Cannot be put into full recline as stated by the seller. And I don't know what kind of apron we had, but it held onto it very poorly.

  • light
  • spacious for the child
  • adjustable footrest
  • nothing much on any bumpier pavement
  • separate handles
  • short hood
  • hard to access basket (you can't get into it at all when lying down)

If I were picking out another umbrella buggy, I'd buy a different one today. The stroller is more off-road according to the description, but it only goes decently on smooth roads. Because of the separate handles, it cannot be operated with only one hand. It is relatively spacious for the child, the footrest can also be positioned.

  • Compactness
  • Lightweigth
  • Adjustable in the backrest and leg rest area
  • Double wheels and handles impractical in the terrain
  • Cannot be pushed with 1 hand
  • Rattled after not long use
  • No suspension
  • Short hood

As an occasional umbrella buggy ok, more suitable for the city or on flat, easy terrain.

Good for occasional rides

  • Design
  • Compact
  • Brake
  • Basket

A buggy that can handle a bit worse terrain - but I wouldn't take it on a dirt road or into the woods. The first thing that went wrong on it was the brake. It's really clumsily designed. Just squeeze it a little harder and it's gone. I wouldn't get one of these again, but I use my stroller every day. It's good for occasional rides.

I would happily buy it again

  • reclines up to full lying down
  • foldable
  • rides well even on rough terrain
  • quite light
  • easy to handle

This stroller has been used for my two children. It rode with us over worse terrain and was compact enough. My daughter has been in it since she was three months old and my son since he was six. I had no problem with it. I would happily buy it again :)

Lightweight, good foldability. As it reclined completely flat, it suited my daughter when she was tired during a trip or walk.

  • compact
  • can handle terrain
  • quite light
  • great value for money

The buggy is great, we rode with it for over 6 years. It handled heavier terrain with us and where it couldn't, it was carried :) It is compact and I think comfortable. I'd happily get one again :)

  • Super strong
  • Nothing

Please bring them back the best stroller my mum ever had for my niece and nephew she had the blue and the pink ones. They were incredible I wish they still sold these, I would have brought it for my daughter... I keep trying to see if someone is selling one second hand.

Overall, I was satisfied

  • easy to keep clean
  • the surface of the handles peeled off quickly - and the shop did not accept our claim for a replacement

Overall, I was satisfied ;-) Even though, at times, I had a feeling it could be more compact.

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