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  • A large bassinet that fits in a small lift
  • Double canopy extension
  • High-quality rear suspension
  • Weak brake
  • Plastic joints and shock absorbers that squeak

We have been using the stroller for about 3 months and so far I am very satisfied. The bassinet is large and spacious, lined with white (the same lining is also on the hood), so the baby is not like in a coffin. Plus, the lining of the bassinet is washable (which I've had to do already) and nothing has shrunk, I put everything back on without any problems. I appreciated the double canopy extension in the cold and wind, but actually in the sun too.

The stroller has absolutely fantastic cushioned rear wheels, which my husband appreciates immensely, and he climbs over any bumps on the rear wheels - and the baby doesn't particularly jump. The problem is the brake, which is not working, so we will have to seek service. Another problem is that all the joints are plastic, which creaks quite unpleasantly. After lubricating all the shock absorbers thoroughly, it got better for a while.

The bassinet was absolutely perfect


We were satisfied with the stroller. The bassinet was absolutely perfect. The seat version is also good, except that the canopy can't be raised all the way forward so that the child has darkness in the stroller during the day.

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