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Easy to operate, lightweight, quiet

  • lightweight
  • very easy to use, even folding is easy (we also had a heavy Mima and a 3-wheeled, hard to handle Quinny and the Camarelo certainly leads the way)
  • cheap
  • timeless design
  • already carries a 3rd child
  • after a while, some of the studs had to be repaired, e.g. on the canopies, in the bottom part that holds the storage basket, etc.
  • a bit unfashionable appearance (matter of opinion)

Easy to operate, lightweight, quiet. It has been through three children and still works. Price is reasonable. After a while, we had to replace several studs that held e.g. the lower "luggage" compartment, or those that opened/closed frequently, e.g. on the car seat canopy. Design is so simple - plain, but timeless.

Completely happy with it


We had the Camarelo Q12 and we were completely happy with it.

Perfect for winter


Perfect for winter. Survived snow, dug roads (sewerage), uneven surface around the house construction... The bassinet is big, the basket, too. I was very satisfied.

  • Suspension wheels
  • Large carry cot
  • Large storage basket

The carry cot is super spacious. I recommend it for summer children, who can fit in winter without problems even with a footmuff. Inflatable wheels and cushioning have passed even difficult terrain.

I liked the seat unit less - the children always slid down in it and sat in a strange position. It's big and spacious and I've carried 2 kids in it at once 😉

  • easy handling
  • suspension
  • appearance
  • none

Excellent stroller... With the second child, I regretted selling it.

I would never buy one again

  • Spacious bassinet
  • Mosquito net, rain cover, stroller bag included
  • Large basket
  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Clumsy
  • Illogical folding
  • Unstable despite size and weight
  • Disproportionately expensive for the quality of workmanship
  • Studs were ripping out

As a first-time parent, I had no demands on the stroller. But this was heavy, poorly sewn, clumsy, the seat part totally badly made. I would never buy one again. The bassinet lasted about 3 months.

  • Suspension
  • Carrycot size
  • Poor folding
  • Bulkiness
  • Weight
  • Seat part
  • Frequent defects

Pram part - the carrycot, ok. The seat we used only a couple of times, it was impractical. For a village, without the need to fold it in the car, it is fine I guess.

  • good wheels that tackle worse terrain too
  • heavier
  • folding
  • smaller seat (in length)
  • outdated design

Robust, but easy to manoeuvre. Kind of normal; it will go through worse terrain though. It's carried three kids and still works, but we didn't spare it at all. Some of the studs came off, pretty early for my taste. We used the seat actively with two kids and it's already breaking down - you can't position the back well, and it's faded and scratched. But I would probably buy another, lighter one.

It's a bit heavy, but it serves its purpose

  • Nice colour
  • Inflatable wheels for terrain are an advantage
  • Suspension and rocking also great
  • Heavy

I was gifted this stroller for using it in my garden and it is serving me nicely, still, even with my second child. It's a bit heavy, but it serves its purpose and I'm glad I have it.

Recommending it

  • Percfect - large carrycot
  • Heavy

I am recommending this stroller system.

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