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Happy with it

  • Roomy
  • Heavy

I am happy with it 😉

It is spacious, but at the same time light

  • large canopy
  • beautiful design
  • affordable price
  • wheel locking
  • suspension
  • I did not find any

I was very happy with the stroller. It is spacious, but at the same time light. What I liked the most is that it has a large canopy that can be completely opened to enclose the child, so great.

Perfect in every aspect

  • Huge hood
  • Complete reclined position
  • Perpendicular, upright seat
  • Large inflatable wheels that can handle the terrain
  • Superb apron
  • I didn't find any cons...

For me, this pram is perfect in every aspect.

  • Large canopy
  • Zipper on the footrest (in the middle)
  • Adjustable rear wheel suspension
  • Nice backpack
  • I appreciate the colourful range of the stroller; the limited editions are even nicer
  • The stroller backpack can be worn across the chest - two shoulder straps would be more practical, which the newer version of the Elix has
  • The stroller is really big, takes up a lot of space even in combi type of a car

Absolutely great and comfortable ride for both baby and mom. The large inflatable wheels and rear wheel suspension guarantee a completely silent ride in all terrain, weather and seasons. No more cracked pavement, roads or cobbled accommodations to stress you out.

Great stroller, especially for harsher terrain

  • Spacious
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Many accessories
  • Suitable for a 4-year-old child

Great stroller, especially for harsher terrain. It is very spacious and has all accessories included in the price. I can only recommend it 👍.

  • Spacious
  • Inflatable wheels
  • A lot of accessories included
  • Suitable even for a 4yo

A great pushchair, especially for rough terrain. Very spacious and includes all the necessary accessories. I can recommend it 👍.

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