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All user reviews of Camarelo Carmela

3 parent reviews
  • Light feeling
  • Very nice maneuvering

I'd say it's a great stroller. Lightweight, easy to handle, easy to fold and unfold. Just great.

The 3 in 1 set is impeccable

  • Large bassinet
  • Easy and quick folding/unfolding
  • Excellent handling

The advantage of a large bassinet; the 3 in 1 set is impeccable. The stroller car seat has 2 small adapters, no complicated bulky frame. Good handling. Quick and easy to fold, which is a plus for a woman.

A great stroller, I was very satisfied with it. You can open a large mesh window on the canopy, it has an extra large canopy, too, so it is the best stroller for summer heat. In winter, the mother can constantly check the baby through the plastic window on the apron, and the little one remains protected in the warmth. After 9 months it is still in top condition. The stroller has all the standard accessories - handbag, gloves, rain cover, water bottle holder... The stroller is also fully adjustable.

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