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Happy with it

  • double suspension
  • accessories such as drink holder, net, rain cover and bag included
  • large and deep bassinet (it lasts a long time, we are almost 9 months old and fit just fine)
  • ventilation of the seat - bottom closing fan and top net
  • large canopy
  • good foldability of both wheels and the bassiner with the sides snapping to get flat (great for a smaller car)
  • a small basket under the stroller (it's zippered, which is a plus, and it's nice), but it's only for small purchases (I have to drive for big purchases, it doesn't have a bottom bag like a shopping basket 😃, so I had to rearrange my big purchases)
  • when folding it in the car, it's best to unzip the bottom basket aka bag (it's easy to do, not a problem), just not the best for lazy people like me (the bag gets dirty from the wheels otherwise, as the wheels fold in - hence folding into the basket it)
  • the wheel caps fall off (it's nice without them too), but they're missing (I had to take them off, we didn't want to glue them on)

We are happy with it.

The double suspension is great for both lulling to sleep and rocking during walks in the field. The extra-large 85 cm long bassinet, also suitably deep, is superb. Raising the back to semi-recline is also a good thing when baby is sitting up and wants to see out better. The ventilation of the bassinet is another well thought out addition, including the side panels that snap together to allow the bassinet to get flat quickly for good storage in the car. Fancy. Vented mesh too, and the inner covers detach for washing.

We have yet to try out the seat. We are almost 9 months old and still fit nicely in the bassinet, and have room to goof around. We'll see if we can put the winter in it, but it will be time for the seat anyhow. We have the same colour car seat in the mix too - the hood over the head is well thought out as it is detachable, and can also be bent to see the baby better, or alternatively covered to shade the baby. The detachable footmuff and adapters are also very nice. Nice for travelling.

It squeaks and clacks madly

  • Large bassinet
  • Not too heavy
  • Squeaks
  • Problematic front wheels

It squeaks and clacks madly in the brake area. It can be dealt with, but I wouldn't want this pram anymore.

  • superb bassinet
  • nice suspension
  • good handling
  • price
  • design
  • front wheel wobble

I am only reviewing the pram setup, because I will not be using the seat unit and I don't think much good about that (as most pushchairs of such stroller systems).

The bassinet is super large and deep, with a nice shape. Nicely made interior - all nice cotton materials, no plastic, and detachable and easy to wash. Good, easily adjustable, suspension that makes the stroller not "bone-shaking".

Overall, I would be absolutely delighted with it and would give it 10 out of 10 if the stroller didn't have a pretty major design flaw. As soon as the bag (which, in the case of a mother of a four year old and a newborn, never weighs less than 1kg) is hung on the handle, the stroller is overweighted by the bag and the front wheels start to wobble when going faster. It is very uncomfortable. Locking the front wheels solves this, but that's not why I bought a stroller with front wheels that turn, so I could ride with the wheels locked.

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