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Beautiful, handy Polish pram

  • large cot, spacious
  • large seat, although we only used it up to 13-14m
  • adjustable backrest in the cot - great for reflux
  • seat to full lie flat, leg positioning
  • lower weight for a 3 in 1 combination (I chose accordingly)
  • canopy ventilation
  • extension of the canopy - possibility to extend it
  • larger, bulkier dimensions - the frame with the tray took up the entire trunk of the VW Golf
  • smaller basket
  • inflatable wheels can get a puncture (happened to us on holiday)

Beautiful, handy Polish pram.

  • Large bassinet
  • Superb handling
  • Adjustable handle
  • Spacious for a larger child
  • Excellent suspension
  • Large inflatable wheels
  • Closing basket under the bassinet

Excellent stroller for the countryside and country roads.

We recommend it to everyone

  • very spacious bassinet and seat of the stroller
  • breathable canopy
  • inflatable wheels
  • large basket
  • bag for personal belongings and changing
  • accessories
  • everything can be taken off and washed
  • easy to fold e.g. for the car
  • it is not possible to buy the same pushchair bag again
  • after frequent washing and use, the lining inside tears and peels.

Perfect baby stroller in both setups. We are very satisfied, we recommend it to everyone.

Price vs. quality has a great ratio

  • great for the terrain
  • spacious
  • lightweight
  • also for Maxi-Cosi egg with adapters (must be purchased separately)
  • bulky in the car, takes a lot of time and has to be disassembled into two pieces
  • smaller seat, narrow-ish

Satisfaction 90 % of 100 % - a really beautiful pram, very comfortable for the baby. Price vs. quality has a great ratio.

Fine, but quite heavy and clumsy.

  • large bassinet
  • super cushioning
  • heavy
  • large
  • small basket

The stroller is fine, but quite heavy and clumsy.

  • Spacious carrycot
  • Suspension
  • Seat unit

The carrycot is great - big, and since the little one was a winter baby, I appreciated it... Since I'm tall, it suited me that the carrycot wasn't low, so I didn't have to bend over. Super cushioned, it was great to ride in the snow too.

However, the seat unit didn't suit me at all... The straps were of poor quality - they unbuckled, plus when turned so that the baby was looking "out into the world" the stroller was unstable, threatening to tip over.

I only rate the bassinet well

  • Large carrycot
  • Large wheels
  • Folding
  • Huge seat unit

I only rate the bassinet well, the seat not.

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