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17 parent reviews

Light, spacious

  • Lightweight
  • Good maneuvering
  • Spacious
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Overall a bit rattly on uneven roads

Light, spacious, with good maneuverability.

  • lightweight frame
  • a car seat can be attached to the frame and it is easy to go from the car to the shop without moving the baby... we used it very often and especially when the little one fell asleep
  • very spacious
  • the carrycot is one of the longest on the market, which is especially useful for parents of boys who grow faster than girls
  • large bag with a waterproof changing mat
  • the foam wheels in the front rattle a lot when walking on uneven surfaces (e.g. cobbles)
  • when I want to turn the seat in the opposite direction, the whole stroller has to be 'disassembled', which is a problem during the walk
  • the basket is small and when there are a few things in it, the fabric rubs against the wheels
  • the hood on the seat 'hangs' strangely

If I were to buy another stroller, I would choose a different one.

Satisfied in every way


Satisfied in every way. Spacious stroller, nothing to complain about.


  • great 3 in 1 system
  • perhaps only that the hood on the carrycot could not be opened any more, so that the baby would not be blown and shone on

Great pram, really. I recommend it.

  • spacious bassinet
  • adjustable bottom of the bassinet /superb for reflux babies/
  • easy to handle
  • short canopy on the bassinet
  • seat unit

With my first child, as a typical inexperienced mother-to-be, I bought a 3 in 1 system.

We were happy with it


Superb carriage, we were happy with it.

  • Bassinet
  • Car seat
  • Seat unit

Bassinet and car seat just the best - satisfaction. Seat part is a disaster though... The only thing I can highlight about this part is that it can be turned both towards you and outwards.



A superb pram, we were happy with it.

Practical and modern


Again we have a Cam, but this time 4 wheels. Superb as always. Practical and modern.

  • Large bassinet and car seat
  • Adjustable bassinet
  • Individual parts can be detached and washed
  • Heavy car seat
  • It does not have an extended hood (no sun shield)
  • No suspension
  • The seat part is horrible

We had the 2012 type, and we were quite happy with both the car seat and the deep bassinet. The seat part, however, was a disaster. We bought it from a friend, so from that perspective it was perfectly fine for us. I bought another pushchair, new.

Great, lightweight, easy to use and very practical. It is easy to travel with as it folds and unfolds quickly 😊

The look is timeless

  • Folding inwards
  • Fine materials
  • Perfect handling
  • For all terrain
  • It does not have a peek a boo window to observe the baby
  • Lacks any storage pocket
  • Open carry cot
  • Front wheels cannot be purchased extra if they get destroyed

I bought the stroller in 2013 and used it for my second child in 2017. The look of the stroller is timeless. The design is light, sturdy and great to handle - I had no problem on uneven ground or slippery e.g. on the shop floor. We also took it hiking to a castle.

The cot is lined with a soft squishy fabric - not like some of the Polish strollers my friends had. It's spacious, my girls used it till 8 months perfectly fine. It is quite open, which is not an advantage in the winter months - but my two children survived the winter in good health and I attached a cotton nappy when I needed to. The cot has sort of little feet on the bottom for swinging when you put it on the floor. You can use a car kit to strap it into the car, which was awesome, and the baby wasn't wrinkled in the swaddle. Everything just snaps onto the frame.

The seat part is simple but totally sufficient. It can be positioned fully reclined and swivels both ways. What's great about the stroller - it folds inside, nothing gets dirty or peels off. Although it doesn't have extra features like a sun hood and sun visor extensions, it really was the perfect stroller for me. If I were to decide to buy again, I would choose the Cam Dinamico.

A top of the line among strollers

  • easy manipulation with a click
  • easy driving
  • adjustable handle
  • 2 wheels inflatable
  • 360° front swivel wheels
  • spacious bassinet and basket
  • can be reversed to face both in and against the direction of travel
  • seat part a bit big for us, we didn't use it

It is equipped with rear inflatable wheels and front wheels with locking mechanism. Car seat has child insert, and there's an Isofix base for the car. The bassinet can be set up as a cradle and has the option of lifting the head in case of reflux. Seat faces both forward and rearward directions, as does the bassinet.

The stroller comes with a bag, a parasol, a rain cover and a mosquito net. It also has a large storage compartment and it is a top of the line among strollers. Personally, satisfaction is very high on our side. Full size, lightweight foldable design, easy to fold and put parts on with a crank. Foot brake, adjustable handle.

  • Large, spacious stroller
  • Bassinet can be positioned under baby's head, also can be used as a cradle when placed on the floor
  • Car seat is sturdy
  • Seat is large - fits 3-4 year olds, I even took my 5 year old along with my 2 year old when her feet hurt :-)
  • Easy to fold
  • The sun canopy faded in the sun

A superb stroller. I've had others, but this one scored points in terms of space and ease of handling. The wheels go over terrain, snow, beach...

Terrible in the snow

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Bad in the snow
  • Plastic was cold
  • Hard climbing in for the child
  • Small cot

A small carrry cot, we used it as a car seat... It was terrible in the snow.

  • Spacious bassinet
  • Easy to click on the parts
  • Large storage basket
  • No inflatable wheels

I was quite satisfied - except for the front wheels, which are not inflatable. It's handy to tip the bassinet, the car seat. Large shopping basket. Also folds quite easily, except it's quite big :-)

The car seat and the carrycot were great

  • beautifully designed
  • lightweight
  • carrycot, as well as the car seat, were really big and spacious
  • carrycot can be inclined, also can be used instead of a cradle
  • seat unit was horrible

I had a 2012 model with a bow and crystals. The car seat and the carrycot were great.

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