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The best stroller ever

  • Inflatable wheels
  • Lightweight frame
  • Easy folding
  • Leg positioning
  • Positioning handle
  • Large basket
  • Long sitting area
  • Large canopy
  • Handbrake missing
  • Window could be magnetic
  • Not very practical to position the back with the baby in the stroller (I have an older model)

The best stroller ever!

A great pushchair for a child who can already sit up. Lightweight, compact, washable.

It rides perfectly

  • can handle any terrain
  • lightweight
  • compact
  • spacious for baby
  • easy to handle
  • large inflatable wheels
  • soft suspension
  • full lie-flar
  • adjustable back and leg rests
  • adjustable child handle
  • adjustable handle
  • availability of spare parts
  • the cover can be completely folded for washing
  • covers fade over the years if you're in the sun a lot, but new ones are easy to get hold of at a good price

We bought it second hand for outdoor trips as a second stroller, but it won me over right away. It rides perfectly. It's roomy, lightweight, easy to store in the car, easy to handle on and off-road. It doesn't rattle, even though it's getting on in years.

Fantastic stroller. My son is 3 and a half and we’re still using it. Large 3 wheels make it easy to push and comfortable for the child. Seat is big enough to sit in or to have a long nap in. Comes with an umbrella cover that covers the whole buggy so it's good for rainy day stroll. We used it on city streets, we used it on sandy beach, we used it on the grass, it was great everywhere. I am really pleased with the Bumbleride Indie and would not change it for any other stroller.

Very good, reliable stroller

  • adjustable leg rest
  • lays flat
  • suitable also for more difficult terrain
  • lightweight but sturdy
  • lockable front wheel
  • space in the seat is wide enough, and with the leg rest in the elevated position - also long
  • doesn't fit well in a smaller car - we had to remove the rear wheels
  • a short hood (compared with, for ex., a Britax)
  • weight capacity of 33 pounds (15 kg) - but I think it could take more

Very good, reliable stroller. Suitable also for rougher terrain - possible even to conquer snow. It is one of the lighter ones.

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