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All user reviews of Bumbleride Indie Twin

9 parent reviews

Excellent twin stroller

  • The inflatable wheels are all 4 of the same size, so the front ones are big enough and very easy to ride, turn
  • The best handling I've had the opportunity to test compared to monowheels as well
  • Spacious seating
  • Full recline, leg positioning
  • Large canopies - can be pulled down very low, providing good shading
  • Bassinets are foldable and easy to fold, so the stroller is easy to move and fold when transporting by car
  • We had a black one and the fabrics faded

Excellent twin stroller. Very easy to manoeuvre, foldable, spacious, large canopies.



Excellent stroller. Easy to steer, narrower compared to other twin strollers, sturdy, folds well.

The new models are absolutely luxurious


Total satisfaction with this. Handled rough terrain, is light and portable. Advantages are definitely the adjustable leg rests and, for me, the comfortable manipulation with the backrest. It has a spacious basket and a high handle. It fits into an 80cm door.

Definitely happy to recommend it. The new models are absolutely luxurious.

  • light
  • easy to handle with one hand
  • inflatable wheels
  • goes everywhere, even in the snow
  • windows on the roof
  • large basket
  • little ones love to sit and sleep in it
  • fits everywhere - even in the doors of 80 cm, lifts, cash registers in Lidl and under the door 😉
  • positioning of the backrest is harder (with the straps)

Very satisfied with the stroller. My little ones like to ride in it, and they are almost three years old.

It looks good and handles great


It's a great, high quality stroller. It looks good and handles great.

You wont be sorry for the investment

  • folding/unfolding
  • cleaning
  • comfortable for the children
  • comfortable and adjustable for the mommy
  • you can get spare parts if you need some
  • I found none

You wont be sorry for the investment with this stroller.

Its perfect


For me, a top choice. It's perfect.

I am very happy with it


I am very happy with the Indie Twin.

The best double stroller for twins

  • No downsides

The best double stroller for twins. It even got the Best for Baby Award.

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