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fafaline says:
"Absolutely lightweight and beautifully maneuverable"
and gives the Bugaboo Fox

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Absolutely lightweight and beautifully maneuverable stroller, which can go through a dirt road without any problems. It's like the Bee - weight and beautiful handling-wise, but with the features of the Buffalo. It's amazing.

You don't get your shoe dirty with the brake because it brakes and unbrakes with the same downward pedal. When it folds up, it takes up very little space. You can take it beautifully with an 8kg baby in the bassinet and carry it up the stairs as the stroller is light. The seat and the bassinet can be put on in both directions. The baby handle has a perfect joint that swivels completely in all directions. The super extended canopy covers the whole baby completely, so there is no blowing or shining into the stroller and no need to attach any diaper pegs :)

The bassinet cover is zippered and the zippers are overlapping, so it's a little harder to unzip and then zip up. But that's really a detail :) I haven't found any other drawbacks yet.

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