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THE stroller for twins or siblings

  • passes through 90cm doors = at all offices, shops, including the bus (unless it is a long-distance connection with narrow doorway)
  • mono version possible (!)
  • easily changeable appearance
  • goes over anything
  • large storage basket
  • stable
  • easy to buy spare parts
  • great after-sales service
  • possibility of two identical or different seats at the same time
  • holds its price better
  • good original equipment (a lot of girls sew BGB pads, liners, footmuffs, etc.)
  • narrow seats - but this is aso that it can go anywhere (so it's not such a disadvantage)

Among strollers for twins or siblings, this is truly THE stroller. Best choice, money well invested. I'm sorry it didn't stay with us for long :-) (hasty sale when my daughter had a momentary stroller veto)

THE stroller


THE stroller 😍



A lot of satisfaction.

THE stroller you need

  • Large, inflatable wheels
  • Adjustable handle
  • Huge basket
  • Side basket
  • Reversible
  • Bulky for the car trunk

There is nothing to complain about - it's THE stroller you need. It can handle any terrain.

Not much of a stroller for the price


Unfortunately for us, not much of a stroller for the price. Feels unfinished, technically bad design, no handbrake, no total suspension... for me, a very unfortunate design, where the whole weight rests on two joints that are too stressed. Extendable handle - when I put a not very heavy bag on it, the stroller falls over very easily.

Very little room in the bottom basket. If used for two children at the same time, very little storage space...

In my opinion, not very compact - the chassis together with the seat is not very efficient to fold e.g. in the car.

The "cradle" style seat is not, according to our physiotherapist, suitable for the proper development of mainly hip joints etc, which of course leads to another downsides, in my opinion uncomfortable position for sleeping, the child cannot choose a natural position without having to have his legs up - he sits lying down...

Design-wise, very nice. For some, even practical because of the possibility of narrowing it down to a mono version for just one child. Great that the seats/cots can be freely rearranged, reversed in/against direction of travel...

The best twin stroller on the market

  • large, air-filled wheels
  • summer canopies with mosquito net
  • low weight
  • compact and easy to fold
  • beautiful design
  • possible to use as mono as well as duo stroller

The best twin stroller on the market. Thanks to air-filled wheels, it glides through every kind of terrain. As the only model, it allows the children to sit facing both forward, both rearward, as well as in opposite directions. If you need to only take one child with you, you just don’t take the second seat unit...

  • loads and loads of storage space in Mono version
  • many accessories
  • beautiful colors
  • so many possible variations
  • easy to use
  • stable
  • slightly larger (dimensions)
  • a little heavy

Perfect stroller even in the Mono version. Lots of storage space, no additional bag needed. Driveability is great even in snow and on harsh surfaces. It passes through any door - but you need to have a large car boot; otherwise, you need to click off more elements of the chassis. Fortunately, in our car, it fit in one piece.

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