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All user reviews of Bugaboo Cameleon

10 parent reviews
  • the stroller is lightweight, but for me use only as an overpriced buggy
  • not to be too harsh about it, it's got a lot of nice gadgets, but even those can't save it
  • big carry cot
  • the cot is at your knees (you can't even see the baby when you walk, you have to bend down to the baby - your back will take it)
  • catastrophically small front wheels (practical only for the airport and malls)
  • it's not good to ride with the wheels, neither to the playground nor in the city, it's a problem when the sidewalks are sprinkled with salt in the winter, it's a problem when the leaves fall, not to mention the snow...
  • very impractical pushchair
  • the seat is rubbish
  • the quality is nowhere near what the Bugaboo brand presents

I completely misstepped with the stroller. It left our house really fast. It might suit some people, but I would think very carefully about buying one! It's incredibly overpriced, it's use is very limited - not enough for the normal needs of children and parents.

  • light
  • collapsible
  • beautiful
  • many accessories available
  • servicing
  • keeps the price
  • one-handed steering
  • the ability to flip the handle over
  • extension canopy
  • suspension
  • design - it's my sweetheart
  • folding in two pieces
  • small front wheels (can get stuck in cobblestones)

I have a third child and again got a Bugaboo Cameleon for the third time, which is a clear proof that it is my clear favourite.

Can not find a smoother ride

  • Very comfortable in both carrycot and seat mode. Both my children have been happy in it. The seat unit is bigger and will last until the child is 3 (or even 4 with my first child!)
  • Fabrics can be easily replaced at minimal cost.
  • Tried lots of prams and none come close to it’s one-hand 360 deg turn manoeuvrability
  • Fits in a standard boot (May just have to take parcel shelf off in smaller cars)
  • Can fit a weekly shop in the basket which can then be unclipped and carried into house with no need or plastic bags!! Massive plus for me
  • Wheels can be easily clipped off for washing (and storing if have a small car)
  • Fabrics are durable (avoid black or navy as these fade more)
  • Much smaller than the Fox so easier to travel with and store but seat unit no different in size for child
  • Lasts forever and can easily buy replacement parts. I am still using a 2006 model and it is perfect!
  • Reversible handlebar is great for pulling up to a table for child to eat without having to use a high chair
  • Seat unit can be lifted off with child in it and can be used as a chair on the floor (e.g. picnics)
  • Can buy new fabrics and update an old model to look like new
  • Can add handle covers for a more stylish look
  • High quality frame and parts that stand the test of time
  • Have to pivot up the front wheels when using on very bumpy terrain e.g woodlands. Prams that don’t have these wheels are not as easy to push on flat surfaces though so happy to accept this. The positives of the front smaller wheels outweigh the negative for the fewer times it is used on bumpy terrain
  • The suspension holds well on very bumpy terrain though

Brilliant pram and stroller that my children have both loved. Can not find a smoother ride.

Mommies, I so recomment this pram!!! My two angels were using it and it still looks like new! A more expensive model but well worth that investment. 😁

Love at first sight

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • practical
  • very long, wide carrycot (80 cm)
  • easy to manipulate
  • many accessories available - summer canopies to suit any of your moods, warm footmuffs…
  • suitable for the mountains as well as for the city (we make trips, even to the mountains, all the time)
  • difficult to get in the shopping basket while using the carrycot, otherwise nothing to complain about

Love at first sight 🙂 The best stroller for a stroll to a coffee shop, strolling downtown, but also for trips to the mountains.

Awesome design


Awesome design and canopy replacement.

Didnt meet my expectations

  • lightweight
  • reversible seat unit
  • spacious bucket-type seat
  • weak central joint (the joint has quite a give)
  • problems with attaching a bag
  • two-piece fold (not so practical for loading in the car boot)

I only had this stroller for a while - because it didn't meet my expectations. The seat unit is extremely spacious, and my lil’ one loves the bucket from, so he was fully satisfied with the stroller. However, I was afraid that if using it on a daily basis on our not-so-great sidewalks, I will break the front wheels or the central joint structure that, with use, developed quite some give. I even bought off-road wheels, but then, when I realized they either wouldn’t swivel at all or only partially (and very reluctantly), I felt even worse. Also, hanging a bag on the handlebar was a big problem. I was also angry that I could not put it in the car in one piece.

Incredibly easy manipulation

  • difficulties with getting in the basket when using the stroller in the carrycot mode - that was its only shortcoming for me (it was ok when passing to the seat unit configuration)

Incredibly easy manipulation. Great wheels that even managed snow. Adjustable seat unit while the baby doesn’t sit by itself - I mostly used the half-reclined position. Spacious carrycot.

Great for me :-)


The BGB Cameleon is great, for me :-)

Best carrycot

  • rubber wheels with suspension
  • large carrycot
  • variability of the canopies
  • summer canopy with UPF50
  • a big disadvantage - a bucket seat of a smaller size, uncomfortable for sleeping
  • size of a folded stroller

Best carrycot, wheels with suspension - no rattling. We used the carrycot up to my son’s 8 months. The seat unit is smaller though, which is why we change the stroller shortly after starting to use it.

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