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  • The carrycot was spacious, so baby got a good 6 months out of it
  • It's nice to look at
  • Smooth to push on rough terrain
  • The handle bar adjustment requires you to undo 2 clips then fasten them again which can be annoying as apposed to other brands with the button on handlebar
  • To recline baby in the seat you have to press 2 buttons in at the side (which are prone to jamming) then use your knee or whatever free body part you have to move the seat up and down
  • The carrycot is really low, so feels as though baby is so far away
  • The shopping basket even though redesigned is still small and once your changing bag and rain cover is in there it leaves no room for anything else so not ideal for me as I like to put my shopping in there and did with my iCandy
  • The hood is really flimsy, it serves its purpose and does extend to protect baby and provide a dark sleep space but compared to others it's very flimsy
  • I've since upgraded to a Joie Versatrax and it's a dream

Difficult to recline, flimsy hood, small shopping basket, low carrycot.

  • lighweight
  • agile
  • roomy
  • beautiful ❤️
  • not the most compact fold
  • doesn't fold in one piece
  • I cannot recommend the steering with the handle in the opposite direction

I had to have it - I love the design. Small and easy to turn, and also, very lightweight while with plenty of space for the little one in both the pram and the pushchair version. I recommend it, even if maybe not for the reversed-handle steering.

A lousy folding design

  • The weight
  • The fold - difficult, getting stuck, and BULKY

I cannot recommend the Cam3+. I bought it for the weight (which is very nice), since we move around a lot. There comes the downside - the folding. You always have to remove the seat, and then fold the frame. The fold-starting buttons get stuck at times, and the folded frame plus the seat take up my whole boot. It's such a lousy folding design.....

  • Light
  • Looks gorgeous
  • Pushes smoothly and comfortably
  • Bulky
  • Expensive
  • The basket is hard to get into with the bassinet

I always wanted it, and I got it eventually. It is absolutely great to push - and for those mommies always around the city or in the parks, not traveling much, it's a great option. I came to mind the size and bought a travel buggy (the Yoyo) to add to this - I mean, it's simply a huge package to load and unload repeatedly. It's a shame, cause the buggy is so nice to push (and rather expensive)...

A good value for money

  • Quality
  • Steering and getting up curbs
  • Space in the pram
  • Shaped seat good for a secure child's position
  • Rather easy folding
  • Wobbly canopy
  • Bulky folded size
  • Shaped seat could be a negative for some
  • Storage accessibility with the bassinet, mostly

I wanted the Fox, to be honest. But we had an argument at home about how expensive a pram should be, and later on, I got the Cameleon that was, price-wise, easier to get.

I have to say the putting it up together takes a lot of time, so be aware that you need about maybe 45-60 minutes. It is a pram that feels lower than most, but the good thing about it is, that the handle goes far up, so it's really ok even far taller (or very tall) parents (just they'll be having to bend a bit lower).

I also want to praise the space in the bassinet - it's huge and comfy for the baby. The suspension is also nice, the ride is rather smooth, cushioned.

I didn't have problems with the folding, it takes more than one step but it's ok, just the folded size is not small at all. But we could always manage.

I did like how my 6-month-old did not slip in the seat thanks to the shape and slept well in it. My friend tried the pram, too, and she said she does mind the shaped seat a lot - her little girl often moves around and to the side in their lie-flat one, so it's probably not for everybody.

A downside to mention would be the canopy material, to me, it feels wobbly and not as sturdy, but it's not really a problem, more like a weird feeling.

Overall, the quality feels very high, so the Cameleon is, I believe, a good value for money. I still dream about the Fox in terms of better accessible storage and a bit larger front wheels (so, better all-round use, I guess?), but honestly, we're very happy to have the Cameleon.

My dream pram


My dream pram. I'd buy it again any time.

I so wanted a reversible handlebar - so the Cameleon 3+ was an obvious choice. It is good in many aspects, but I must say I don't use the reversing much. The steering is so bad with the large wheels in front. Like, almost impossible to lift it a kerb.

Also, the size of it, when you fold... get a compact stroller with it almost right from the start. It takes too much space.

There are many qualities on it - I mean, the push is so nice if the small wheels are in the front, and the suspension is good, there's ample space - but downsides are also present, and they annoy the hell outta me...

So far, so good

  • quality
  • lightweight
  • reversible handlebar
  • brake on the side - no shoe-damaging
  • shopping basket is not easy to get to with the carrycot
  • smaller front wheels

Nice and lightweight, I had my going upstairs to the second floor in mind when getting it. Not traveling much with it, so the folded size I somehow never minded. So far, so good, I can recommend it. It's a quality pushchair.

  • nimble steering
  • nice design
  • canopy size and colour-changing option
  • peek-a-boo window
  • takes up too much space after folding

Very happy with the overall driving experience. Much much less happy with how much space it takes up in my car - and it's not a small car boot, to add to it.

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