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  • Smooth push, even on slightly rougher ground
  • Giant hood
  • Roomy basket
  • Loads of growing room
  • Great compact fold
  • Can hear the slightest rattle sometimes but I'm nitpicking

Absolutely love it. The push is incredibly smooth and it's easy to push one handed. Have had no trouble on hills or even on woodland paths. Obviously it's not as smooth as an all terrain buggy but it didn't have any problem and toddler was perfectly happy.

  • wheels and wheelbase
  • flexibility
  • wight
  • agility on simple surfaces
  • design
  • newborn support missing
  • fixed seat direction
  • seat position adjustable in two levels only
  • price

Ant successor due to profitability/margin reasons: try getting an Ant.

In Short:

I bought a Babyzen Yoyo 2 (Air France style) inc. Newborn kit, a Bugaboo Butterfly, and as a lucky shot I got an unused Bugaboo Ant (spare stroller from an colleague). The Babyzen is a master of its own but very limited in terms of accessories and the materials felt kind of inexpensive (overall best ride and size). My wife is very skinny and needed something lighter for lifting it up the stairs. But the basket of the Yoyo was a kind of nothing and almost too deep for accessing. The Butterfly, well the basket is amazing and the built quality from outside is amazing - from outside mostly.

The suspension as such was a bit confusing as I expected to be better then the Yoyo but we were wrong. On flat surface it was perfect but the soon you change pavements or have a slight loose underground it felt for the small one like a roller coaster. Suddenly, a friend offered me his Ant and I was surprised like hell. Then we figured out the suspension built into the frame and the stiffness compared to the other two models when pushing and lifting it up the stairs. Wow - but it’s discontinued - why? IMO better not to think further, BUT we realized, the Butterfly wheels fit 1:1, really!

So, the build quality is better due to the combination of aluminum parts, frame construction and suspension. We finally sent back the Yoyo 2 and the Butterfly. as a preventive measure I bought some pair of Butterfly wheels inkl front base and some further spare parts of Ant from the Bugaboo store. Finally, we use the Ant with the white Butterfly wheels and it feels good, looks good, has the best folding mechanism and is our every day stroller. Hope we could help. Greetings from Frankfurt am Main.

Looks good, that’s about it

  • Looks nice
  • Basket size
  • Unstable
  • Rattles
  • Not suitable for anything other than indoor flat ground
  • Fold buttons are janky

The pram looks good. That’s about it.

We took this home hoping to use it as an everyday pram, we are lucky to get maybe an hour a day out of my daughter in the pram, so we wanted something small and easy to fold and store (we previously had the Bugaboo Fox 3, which was amazing but way too big to take anywhere). Our streets all have flat footpaths, but they do have slight slopes due to being in a hilly area.

This pram tips over.

Every time I attempted to course correct, the pram would tip on two wheels to the side and it would take my entire strength to keep it upright.

I believe this is due to the high centre of gravity and the back wheels being closer together than the front.

For something that holds an infant, there should be no tipping whatsoever and I shouldn’t have to use my upper body strength to keep it upright- I may as well carry my kid.

Minor notes: the pram rattles right out of the box. The fold-down buttons are stiff and require some jiggling. The fold-down motion is a little awkward. And the unfold requires you to push the pram together to you can “unstick” the buttons, but this may be just that it was new and needed some breaking in. If you are taller like me, your feet will hit the cross bar between the wheels as you walk.

But the pram does look good. The fabric is nice. If you’re only ever going to use this pram in a shopping centre or the airport, it’s for you. But anywhere outside of those two places, buy something else.

We returned and ended up buying Uppababy Minu V2, while a bit heavier I am in love with this pram and have no complaints so far.

I can only assume that all the good reviews are people who think it’s normal to assist a pram to stay on 4 wheels?

Great stroller

  • Smooth push
  • Great for toddlers and my 7.5 month old
  • Easy fold with one hand
  • Limited accessories

A great stroller.

Excellent but with some drawbacks

  • Smooth one handed steering, glides on flat terrain
  • Exceptional sun canopy coverage
  • Easy to fold
  • Compact for travel
  • Struggles on even slight curbs, need to tip buggy back to mount the pavement
  • Seat does not allow child to sit completely upright
  • Basket is large but items may slip out
  • Not all terrain but not advertised as such

Excellent but with some drawbacks.

  • fantastic quality
  • great looks
  • great to push 😍
  • compactness
  • tall seat back
  • price
  • not all the colors and accessories available

Sooo lovely. The fabrics are high-quality and very comfortable to touch. I was afraid of the half-lie-flat but the position is actually comfortable for my son.

I am sorry the mesh after prolonging the hood not being UPF protective, however. And, at the moment, only the black color was available, which makes me afraid it might fade after the summer - but they said they have spare fabric sets in the shop. My last niggle is the belly bar which I don't have as they did not have it in stock, so I have to wait (missing that!).

  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Compactness
  • Tall seatback
  • Price
  • You always wish for larger wheels with these small buggies

Totally waited for this travel pushchair, tall seatback being so rare in this folded size category. The stroller feels quality even if not the sturdiest, and it is comfortable for a taller (3.5 yo) toddler girl.

The Butterfly can fly with you ;-)

  • size
  • quality
  • suspensions
  • basket
  • maximum weight
  • materials
  • padding
  • cleaning
  • backrest
  • small front wheels
  • narrower seat

I am incredibly glad Bugaboo came with this one. I searched for something cabin-sized but with enough space for my 2.5 years old. So yeah, the Butterfly can fly with you ;-) and is the perfect solution for a toddler as well (not like the Ant which I gave up on after trying out in a shop). Not even talking about the quality.

The front wheels are, of course, very very small, so don't expect an all-terrain monster, but the suspension is nice enough for your regular bumpy sidewalks. Loving the basket, nice for the size of the buggy, and the canopy, too!

Super small, super high back rest. Loving it, the quality is superb, and you can bring it on pretty much any airline.

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