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All user reviews of Bugaboo Bee 5

16 parent reviews

Best for me


We use them instead of a buggy. Spacious, comfortable. The seat can be stretched both in height and seat length. Adjustable handle, great storage, lightweight... best for me.

  • Beautiful accessories
  • High quality
  • No belly bar

I'm missing an original belly bar. And it doesn't handle curbs very well. Otherwise, great. I love Bugaboo ;)

Unusable for toddlers under 2yrs

  • Small
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Small wheels that cannot handle terrain
  • Small basket
  • No leg rest
  • Small hood
  • Use/performance vs. price is the price too high

The Bee5 was a beautiful and soft stroller, but we didn't use it much unfortunately. I find it unusable for toddlers under 2 years. It lacks a footrest, the baby is uncomfortable to sit in, my older daughter was also missing a footrest - she didn't want to sleep in it. The basket is terribly small - and overall the wheels were quite troublesome in the snow or on our broken sidewalks...

  • Good center of gravity
  • Seat enlargement option
  • Optional canopies/fabrics/handle covers
  • Easy fold
  • Quality materials
  • An empty pushchair is crazy noisy when pushed
  • Small wheels
  • Long and heavy after folding (for a travel stroller)
  • No legrest

It didn't fit our lifestyle at all - I owned it for two weeks and had to sell it afterwards.

Fisrt, I really minded the plastic seat. When the pushchair is empty and you push it, it clacks and is so noisy that I was ashamed to push it. When the child's inside, it's okay, but my little one wants to walk quite often, I cannot hold her inside all the time.

Next, the size&weight versus the wheel size. The wheels are SOOO tiny, which I could accept, but if this should be a travel stroller, I feel it is way too long after folding, and heavy - and it doesn't stand by itself, even... So not the best for traveling.

I must praise the height adjustability of the backrest - a nice feature, even if, funnily, that is probably the reason of the noisy empty seat. I like that you can swap the canopies and the changing of the handle covers or fabric sets. Even the suspension is nice, but I sometimes couldn't care less with all the noisy ride 🙈

I also minded the missing legrest, mainly when the child faces the parent - there's no place to put her feet on. The biggest plus is, on the other hand, a very good center of gravity - the buggy was stable and easy to steer in both directions of the seat.

Even for a 4-your-old


A very handy buggy that can handle even a 4-your-old.

Bugaboo did not disappoint again

  • goes through worse terrain - like a dirt road - acceptably
  • length of the sleeping surface
  • lightweight
  • handles brilliantly
  • stylish

Bugaboo did not disappoint me again 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Front wheels lock
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Compactness
  • Smooth to push
  • Not suitable for cobblestones

Compact, simple, lightweight, practical. Not suitable for cobblestones. But you can lock the front wheels if needed.

We should have gotten it sooner

  • easy pushing
  • stable chassis
  • length-adjustable backrest as well as the sitting area
  • reversible seat
  • 3 seat positions
  • variability of accessories
  • heavier than a buggy

A superb push and suspension; it tackles even terrain and curbs. You can adjust the length of the sitting surface - as well as of the backrest. The only thing I am sorry about is the fact that we bought it when our baby was 20 months old - we should have gotten it sooner.

I recommend it strongly 😉😉👍

  • small
  • compact
  • with sturdy chassis

This buggy is TOP, and the Bugaboo service as well - I recommend it strongly 😉😉👍

Doesn’t take up much space

  • complete personalization
  • beautiful colors
  • easy manipulation
  • wide range of original accessories
  • compact
  • high quality
  • hard to handle on gravel-covered surfaces

A handy city buggy - doesn't take up much space at home nor in the car. I don’t recommend having it as an only stroller - it’s quite perfect, but you need to consider the terrain you’ll push it on.

I fell in love with how handy it is

  • small
  • very maneuverable
  • a carrycot and a cocoon option
  • fits everywhere
  • small-ish wheels

Since I have to carry it up the staircase every time, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I am in love with how handy it is - ideal for life in the city; however, we even managed a walk in the woods, thanks to the reinforced chassis.


  • not so spacious for a bigger child with a winter footmuff

For us, this is a top-class stroller.

I love it


Easy manipulation and folding. I love it.

Perfect for us


I cannot say a single bad word - a perfect stroller for us.


  • Variability of the color sets
  • Compactness
  • Good drivability, even though not perfect for downtowns with cobblestones
  • The sitting position is not completely upright
  • Protruding padding on the lower part of the backrest (I'm not 100% sure, whether my daughter minded it or not)

It turned out to be quite a practical stroller.

The price is adequate to its quality

  • Design
  • Manipulation
  • One-hand folding
  • Comfortable seat unit, even for a bigger child
  • The system of reclining the backrest is the best I ever saw
  • A lot of accessories to modify the design
  • As I expected, the small wheels are not the best for more difficult terrain
  • When popping up curbs with a 12kg child, I feel like it’s gonna break - but it won’t. Nothing that would spoil the feeling of having the best stroller in the world though :-)

I have nothing to complain about; the price is adequate to its quality.

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