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Everything I was looking for

  • inflatable wheels
  • suspension
  • extended canopy on the seat (even when the baby is sleeping)
  • full sitting, lying down position
  • the seat folds together with the frame
  • takes up little space in the boot of the car
  • reversible seat
  • adjustable belts on the seat without me having to adjust them from the back 👍
  • load capacity of the sports section up to 22 kilos
  • easy handling
  • adjustable handle height
  • when the baby is lying towards the parent, it is harder to access the shopping cart (nothing terrible 😉)

I've had a few Britaxes and I've always been satisfied. Britaxes are not designer prams, but they are super practical. This one is the top for me so far. Everything I was looking for, I found in it 👍

  • Solid chassis
  • Nice design
  • Can be put to lie down
  • It is reversible
  • Inflatable wheels both front and back
  • Squeaks both at the point of attachment of the structure and at the point of positioning of the handle
  • Difficult to manoeuvre with one hand
  • Has a large storage space in the basket, but partitioned by a bar that gets in the way
  • Wheels rattle when turning
  • The canopy falls off the hinge when tilted

We had high expectations from the stroller, which unfortunately it did not meet. At the price of this stroller it is a big disappointment.

We switched to it from a Britax Go Next, which although a few years old, was wider, heavier, and used to its fullest, ultimately squeaked less and handled better than the Smile III. The review is only on the seat part. I'll try to evaluate it objectively.

We use the stroller despite its shortcomings, but I would definitely not buy it again.

  • Very slim
  • Relatively cheap
  • The wheels are wobbly

Do not buy. The front wheels are wobbly out of the box.

  • Smooth on bumpier roads
  • Wheels are good sized for gravel
  • Shopping basket is reasonably spacious
  • Wide stable base
  • Cannot operate well with one hand (across the board this is the case. As a mother, I cannot get the pram ready with my child in one hand. The same goes for their car seat buckle and rotating base system you need two free hands for all of this which is a failure in their engineering team I cannot understand.
  • The folding system is really not well engineered. Case and point, try opening this in the dark/try opening it with one hand/the carrier basket gets stuck and is difficult to refit/front wheels need to first be locked, then the basket then the actual base can be collapsed/collapsed stroller is secured by 1 flimsy plastic clip than needs to be pushed to the side in order to open and that plastic tag is black so you never find it easily.
  • Takes up a lot of space when folded your boot in range rover is over half full.

I wouldn't buy this again. Maybe more British than German engineering ha joking aside, it's an ok product but not relative to the price tag.

Purchased the full kit and it leaves me wanting more especially when it comes to materials selection and manufacturing quality.

The seller suggested this pram to us. I never had one, so I didn't know what I'll need. I just wanted a 3in1 set. The car seat, the bassinet and the seat, all look nice and feel comfy. Just our little girl is happier in our Manduca ergo carrier.

  • design
  • roomy reversible seat
  • looks great on paper
  • wobbly
  • bad plastics/joints/quality..?

A disappointment. Sooo roomy and robust feeling but sooo wobbly right out of the box…

Feels cheap and rattly for the price

  • Style
  • Basket
  • Spacious parts
  • Loose & rattly frame
  • Cheap plastics
  • The brake works funny (not always properly
  • I expected higher quality

The frame was loose right out of the box and got even looser. It feels like the plastics and joints are simply cheaper. Overall feels cheap and rattly for the price. I would't choose it again.

Not worth the price

  • Looks good on paper
  • Low quality

Not worth the price. Faulty and getting rusty. Not recommended.

I am only not sure about the chassis


I really like its looks and all the functions. I am only not sure about the chassis that is on the looser side. We'll see how it lasts.

I'll be smarter with the second baby

  • Design
  • Spacious basket
  • Handy brake
  • Small front wheels, can not handle forest and field roads
  • Too Heavy
  • Hard to control with one hand
  • Bad chassis, scrubs, squeaks, grunts, the whole wobbles terribly
  • The handle of the sports car is unreasonably high, the little one has upturned hands, I don't think she will ever grow into it.
  • The sewn-on seat belt straps to the backrest are too high and push into the back and head, it cannot be ripped off!
  • The carrycot is small and shallow - the baby will not fit in the fleece at 6 months
  • The basket is not closing
  • All equipment must be purchased - then it will be very expensive
  • Very high purchase price

I let myself be convinced in the store because I had no experience. But over time, I know it was a mistake. Cheaper prams are of better quality, even the Polish ones. They said it's German, but everything is made in China, so, unfortunately...

I really liked the pram, but there are a lot of things that bother me and are ill-conceived, such as a small carrycot and a nonsensical handrail at the sports car. I'll be smarter with the second baby.

I expected more

  • good-looking
  • large wheels
  • crotch strap
  • the front wheels are noisy
  • the plastics seem cheap/squeaky

I expected more, tbh. Feels cheaper than I’d like. The wheels are not very quiet.

The price reflects the performance

  • great driving
  • Air-filled wheels
  • Sturdy frame
  • beautiful design
  • Large basket (no mesh, though)
  • Easy one handed push
  • Easy folding
  • Reversible seat
  • Removable belly bar that gate opens
  • A spacious, long seat surface
  • Lie-flat recline of the seat
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Suspension
  • Small bassinet that wobbles and makes the baby slide down
  • The push bar squeaks in the joints
  • The basket is hard to access when the seat is parent-facing

The price reflects the performance. I was overall happy with this pram, mainly its terrain capabilities, as that was our no. 1 priority when choosing.

The bassinet lasted up to 4.5 months of the baby (68cm long son at that time), and we swapped for the seat part in November. The bassinet sat quite loose on the frame and it was moving a lot, which made my son slide and me having to put him back higher up.

The plastic push bar is simply a shame - it was noisy, squeaking. The basket can take up a LOT but I am sorry it was not made out of mesh.

The seat was just as I imagined it to be 👌

The daddy loves it

  • functional
  • pushes well
  • narrow chassis
  • nice suspension
  • easy-to-operate brake
  • well-protected seat with enough space
  • weight capacity
  • bulky / or more like long when folded
  • bar over the basket - somehow makes it more difficult to load thing in it, especially those larger items
  • not the lightest

Good value for money. Very versatile. The daddy loves it. Practicality-oriented design.

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Basket
  • Space
  • Wheels
  • Travel-system compatibility
  • Price
  • The folded/unfolded size could bother some

Quietly luxurious. Large but not huge. Perfect for shopping as well as for walks in nature. Perfect for us.

For that price, one would expect more


I don't know why I thought I would somehow be fitting it into my small car trunk on a regular basis without losing my nerves. It's a nice pram, but not for me - since I am mostly alone and with it, I can't get anywhere much, because it's a bother to fold it and load it for me.

And one more thing - the fabrics were somehow crinkled straight out of the box. For that price, one would expect more.

I got the Britax Smile III because of the recommendation in the shop. I must say I am quite happy with it. On the other hand, it's not a small stroller, so not the best for small car boots nor for small mums. The basket is huge, and I love it. And my hubby loves the overall robustness. Nice value for money.

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