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I'll be smarter with the second baby

  • Design
  • Spacious basket
  • Handy brake
  • Small front wheels, can not handle forest and field roads
  • Too Heavy
  • Hard to control with one hand
  • Bad chassis, scrubs, squeaks, grunts, the whole wobbles terribly
  • The handle of the sports car is unreasonably high, the little one has upturned hands, I don't think she will ever grow into it.
  • The sewn-on seat belt straps to the backrest are too high and push into the back and head, it cannot be ripped off!
  • The carrycot is small and shallow - the baby will not fit in the fleece at 6 months
  • The basket is not closing
  • All equipment must be purchased - then it will be very expensive
  • Very high purchase price

I let myself be convinced in the store because I had no experience. But over time, I know it was a mistake. Cheaper prams are of better quality, even the Polish ones. They said it's German, but everything is made in China, so, unfortunately...

I really liked the pram, but there are a lot of things that bother me and are ill-conceived, such as a small carrycot and a nonsensical handrail at the sports car. I'll be smarter with the second baby.

I expected more

  • good-looking
  • large wheels
  • crotch strap
  • the front wheels are noisy
  • the plastics seem cheap/squeaky

I expected more, tbh. Feels cheaper than I’d like. The wheels are not very quiet.

The daddy loves it

  • functional
  • pushes well
  • narrow chassis
  • nice suspension
  • easy-to-operate brake
  • well-protected seat with enough space
  • weight capacity
  • bulky / or more like long when folded
  • bar over the basket - somehow makes it more difficult to load thing in it, especially those larger items
  • not the lightest

Good value for money. Very versatile. The daddy loves it. Practicality-oriented design.

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Basket
  • Space
  • Wheels
  • Travel-system compatibility
  • Price
  • The folded/unfolded size could bother some

Quietly luxurious. Large but not huge. Perfect for shopping as well as for walks in nature. Perfect for us.

For that price, one would expect more


I don't know why I thought I would somehow be fitting it into my small car trunk on a regular basis without losing my nerves. It's a nice pram, but not for me - since I am mostly alone and with it, I can't get anywhere much, because it's a bother to fold it and load it for me.

And one more thing - the fabrics were somehow crinkled straight out of the box. For that price, one would expect more.

I got the Britax Smile III because of the recommendation in the shop. I must say I am quite happy with it. On the other hand, it's not a small stroller, so not the best for small car boots nor for small mums. The basket is huge, and I love it. And my hubby loves the overall robustness. Nice value for money.

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