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Vanda says:
"It's an ok product but not relative to the price tag"
and gives the Britax Smile 3

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  • Smooth on bumpier roads
  • Wheels are good sized for gravel
  • Shopping basket is reasonably spacious
  • Wide stable base
  • Cannot operate well with one hand (across the board this is the case. As a mother, I cannot get the pram ready with my child in one hand. The same goes for their car seat buckle and rotating base system you need two free hands for all of this which is a failure in their engineering team I cannot understand.
  • The folding system is really not well engineered. Case and point, try opening this in the dark/try opening it with one hand/the carrier basket gets stuck and is difficult to refit/front wheels need to first be locked, then the basket then the actual base can be collapsed/collapsed stroller is secured by 1 flimsy plastic clip than needs to be pushed to the side in order to open and that plastic tag is black so you never find it easily.
  • Takes up a lot of space when folded your boot in range rover is over half full.

I wouldn't buy this again. Maybe more British than German engineering ha joking aside, it's an ok product but not relative to the price tag.

Purchased the full kit and it leaves me wanting more especially when it comes to materials selection and manufacturing quality.

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