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The stroller is quite fine for terrain


We wanted a longer seat surface for a large baby, but it is only 100 cm long. Otherwise, the stroller is quite fine for terrain. A big plus is the reversible seat.

A Rambo among strollers

  • For me, almost everything - absolute satisfaction
  • Enlargable storage bag
  • Adjustable handle
  • Sturdy, but still can fit with 2-3 people in the lift
  • Perfect long canopy
  • Very high quality material
  • Sun visor on the bassinet
  • Relatively long bassinet
  • Large inflatable wheels
  • Very easy folding of the stroller
  • And much more...
  • Quite expensive, with expensive accessories
  • I miss a quality ROMER service. But the shop I bought it in was incredibly helpful, when something needed to be repaired 👍 Great approach of the owner

For me, a Rambo among strollers. It is more expensive (and also accessories), but this stroller is in the city "an elegant beauty" and in the countryside or uneven surface "a tank". Absolute satisfaction.

With the first baby I chose a stroller that was just nice. Now I have not only beautiful, but practical, strong, one that is usable in the city, nature, snow, and has a large shopping basket. Just fantastic 👍

  • Large basket
  • Can handle any terrain
  • Suitable for larger toddlers
  • Suspension in the frame
  • Reverses in both directions
  • Large bassinet
  • Seat unit folds together with the frame
  • Slightly higher weight of the stroller
  • Takes up almost the entire trunk (in a smaller car)

The best stroller... It can go through everything. No rattling, but a quality stroller that is also functional - not just for the city... We were very satisfied.

I've never regretted buying it

  • light
  • great fabric - waterproof, I've pulled the raincoat out about 2 times
  • can be closed beautifully - it does not blow on the child, there's a long sun visor (no need to hang diapers)
  • giant seat unit, faces the parent as well as the street
  • rocks beautifully
  • huge and easily accessible basket
  • very comfortable handle, does not slip and is easy to hold even for small hands
  • easy to fold
  • one-finger steering
  • quality - nothing cracks or squeaks
  • low centre of gravity - very stable, no risk of tipping over, and a larger toddler can get into it on his own
  • small front wheels, I would love them to be a bit bigger and inflatable (but it would be at the expense of weight)

After a long selection, we had 2 favourites. We spent so long deciding between them until we went to the store again and saw this Britax.

I knew about the stroller and wasn't really interested before. But I knew everyone was praising it, so we went over and started looking at it anyway to see what everyone had to say about it, and within a few minutes it was clear. I've never regretted buying it, it's great. No problem in town and we even used it through the Austrian Alps and all was fine. For really bad terrain and especially a lot of snow we bought the front big fixed wheels.

We wanted a stroller for the city, but we have the mountains around the corner and go there often, so the condition was that the stroller could handle some terrain. It's not for riding on roots, but it handles unpaved roads just fine.

Without one fault


A perfect pram without one fault.

Best of all the strollers I owned

  • Ease of manipulation
  • Spacious
  • Big shopping basket with a good accessibility
  • A lot of storage space
  • Extended hood
  • Quite heavy (but you can pull it behind you, if you need to get it up the stairs)

This was the best of all the strollers I owned! I was very happy with it.

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