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Heavier but it's still easy to handle

  • Spacious
  • Design
  • Large shopping basket
  • Rockers
  • Easy to operate
  • Great for rough terrain, woods, snow
  • The seat has no perpendicular, upright seating position

A great stroller. Some may mind the size (we don't, we have a bigger trunk in the car). And it is heavier. But it's still easy to handle.

  • Easy to drive, one "finger" is enough
  • Large, roomy
  • A perfectly extendable canopy that makes a "paparazzi" coverage
  • No blowing into the pram thanks to the canopy
  • I found no cons

A perfect pram, I have nothing I would change, no downside at all. I would again buy this Britax and I recommend it 10 out of 10.

Goes over any terrain

  • large
  • spacious
  • large basket
  • large carry cot
  • excellent hood
  • horrible apron (after you put it on) looks as a bag, it looks like a Polish accessory to me 🤣
  • expensive accessories (bag, plastic rain cover...)
  • full, upright sitting position of the seat (I have to flip it up to the hood) - even so, the little one slides down (and he's big enough 🤔)
  • I missed a seat liner

Goes over any terrain - that's a plus for me 👍 I also have to praise the carry cot.

  • perfect handling (great centre of gravity and wider front wheel space)
  • suspension
  • large storage space
  • large canopy
  • superb handle shape
  • maintenance-free large wheels
  • good overall quality, good materials used
  • keeps its price even as a pre-owned stroller
  • the main drawback, which really bothered us, is the incomplete upright seating at the highest position of the backrest
  • when lying down, there is no ventilation option for the seat (there is no mesh or any other way to ventilate it sufficiently)
  • the canopy folds inwards, which takes away headroom and makes the pushchair, although it has a spacious seat, not the most suitable for older and bigger children - a longer backrest or a different type of canopy would solve this
  • the handle in front of the child is not hinged (cannot be folded to one side)
  • in this price category of stroller I miss a hand brake or the possibility to extend the leg rest

A very good stroller - I think the best on the market at the moment. Superb to handle, fold - and very practical. But - like every stroller, it has its downsides. I would still buy it again and recommend it to my best friend!

It's great in the city and off-road. I think the best if you are looking for a compromise between an off-road and a nice-handling stroller. But if you want a stroller for the woods, mountains and really challenging terrains, there are more off-road strollers.

The price is higher, but it can be used for more kids, or it can be sold very well and the difference between the purchase price and the selling price makes it less than buying a cheap Polish stroller, which for me is 100% worth it.

PS: I only rate the seat unit, we didn't have a bassinet.

I would not change it


Maximum satisfaction, I would not change it.

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