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All user reviews of Britax B-Agile 4 Plus

17 parent reviews

Absolutely happy with it


I am absolutely happy with it.

Very happy with it


Very happy with it.

The best stroller I ever had

  • large canopy
  • very good handling, one-handed
  • folding and unfolding is easy
  • lightweight stroller
  • brakes hold well
  • large
  • spacious
  • very easy to disassemble
  • machine washable
  • none

The best stroller I ever had.

Directly proportional to the price

  • Light
  • Foldable in one move
  • High quality hood
  • Good solid frame
  • Foam wheels
  • Seat cannot be turned to both sides
  • Not much suspension
  • Foam parent handle

The pram's features are directly proportional to the price.

  • Wheels are a terror!
  • The child bangs his head on the chassis when sitting in it

It's beautiful and spacious, but I wouldn't want it a second time around.

  • Folding
  • Spaciousness
  • Wheels
  • Hard-feeling frame
  • Safety belts cannot be threaded through the footmuff

I regret buying it. The wheels are shaky, terribly hard, could have been suspension at least on the rear. Completely unnecessary is the fastening between the legs, it just pushes the child between the legs. I bought it thinking it would be for winter, of course I bought the all terrain wheels. The seat belts can't be detahced, so you can't put them over the footmuff. The bottom bag will have to go off if there's snow, otherwise I'll have it piled in there. It's only good in that it's roomy and easy to fold and transport.

  • Super large canopy
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Easily stored in the car
  • Large shopping basket
  • I only have one negative (and it's not the stroller's fault), I can't fit it in our tiny elevator 😂

The perfect stroller, as my husband put it. Spacious - even my almost 3 year old can sleep comfortably outside in it, of all the strollers I've tried so far, this Britax handles the best.

This pushchair is the best I have found in our shops in price/quality ratio. It shows German precision and practicality. We already have it for the 3rd year, and it can take my 2 kids at the same time :-D When our younger daughter was born, we just bought a Britax Romer car seat and adapters. For me great satisfaction!

Very satisfied

  • Beautiful
  • Great large canopy
  • Wide enough
  • Long enough (baby's legs don't stick out)
  • Great basket
  • Carrying capacity
  • Fast folding
  • Good cleaning
  • Fits Elodie liners, footmuffs
  • Reclining
  • Wheels are great, although not inflatable, they suit us
  • Does not squeak or rattle !!!
  • Over the winter it is worse to drive over less cleared paths

My husband and I are very satisfied and of course our little girl is too.

I have nothing to complain about

  • Solid frame
  • Nice design
  • Colour fastness
  • Large hood

A great stroller 👍 Nice design, solid frame, even two of our kids were riding in it at the same time. The color has withstand, too - I've had it for a couple of years and it hasn't faded, it's still nice purple. Long hood, great against the sun. Compact, doesn't take up much space in the trunk. You can take the wheels off, which saved us extra space in the trunk on vacation. It is not unstable, it has crossed with us even the most difficult terrains.

I can only recommend it. I have nothing to complain about.

  • Nice design
  • Storage
  • Leg rest positioning (compared to the original model)
  • Long hood
  • Difficult to control
  • Expensive spare parts
  • Fading fabric/covers

The stroller has a nice design, but it is quite heavy to handle (due to the stroller's center of gravity). The wheels are, after one child, quite unsightly and do not absorb shocks. The canopy often squeaks.


  • Harder to be steered one handedly

The perfect stroller - and I've had a lot of them.

Suitable for tall kids

  • Quality
  • We had to lubricate the front wheels after about 2 months of use, and it had not been in the rain until then - but after lubrication all ok

Excellent handling, handles even rough terrain, easy to store. Suitable for tall kid.

Ideal for our needs

  • For us the best:
  • large wheels for bumpy pavements,
  • large stroller seat's area
  • click-on bassinet
  • easily foldable frame
  • can be put into a full reclining position
  • large canopy
  • integrated mosquito net
  • if you want new wheels, they are more expensive, but they don't wear out so quickly
  • if you want to wash the cover, which is washable, it's great, but it has in some parts of the cover wood-board reinforcements, which can mold after washing, it needs to be dried ideally in the sun

Ideal for our needs. For the city and the countryside, large and yet beautifully foldable.

It was fully used for a year

  • Quality as should be
  • No adjustable handle bar

My favorite. It was fully used for a year. Great satisfaction.

  • spacious
  • large sun hood
  • comfortable to steer
  • easy to fold down
  • easy to unfold
  • the only thing I mind is that I cannot adjust the pushbar upwards, but one can get used to it

Happy with this pushchair - the size fits me, and the manipulation is fine . I expected worse wheels but they're OK. I read somewhere that it is impossible to put a cosytoes in the seat because of the harness, but it is not true - I can detach them and get them through the holes in the cosytoes just fine.

The hood is large, there's plenty of space for my daughter to nap (she's 2.5 yo, circa 15 kg, 91 cm - and she herself says she likes the pushchair).

We had the Bugaboo Cameleon before this, but it was too narrow - when she sat in, her arms were pushed together too much, no comfort in there. I also thought to get a Britax B-Motion 4 Plus, but I am happy with my choice.

I was rather happy with it

  • Very nice size-wise, the child can nap comfortably
  • Small underseat basket
  • Bad folding system
  • You need to buy everything separately

Overall, I was rather happy with the pushchair.

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