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Super sturdy, durable, sophisticated.

The best pushchair we had


For me the best pushchair we had 😊

Urban stroller - so, unsuitable for snow, terrain, broken pavements. But otherwise I was satisfied, lightweight, foldable.


  • spacious
  • easy to fold
  • fits in my small car

Amazing stroller, we were satisfied. I recommend it.

  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Large canopy
  • Machine washable
  • Poor one-handed handling with a child heavier than 10 kg

A super light, nimble stroller. Spacious and compact, with a big canopy, everything can be washed (the whole stroller) and it's still like new.

The handling is great, it pushes easily, but with kids bigger - heavier than 10 kg, it is impossible to steer with one hand.

  • Well made, sturdy
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Good basket size
  • Comfortable, even for tall children
  • Good sun shade
  • I felt great that after 2 + years of use, we were able to give it another home that would not have any problems using it! Nothing ever broke on it or gave us any trouble!
  • Heavy/bulky - might be hard to manage if you have a small trunk/ stairs to lug it up every day, etc.

We bought this as a complete travel system for our 6-month-old son to travel with and bring the carrier and stroller with us to Europe. It ticked all the boxes for what we needed, and we would have (and maybe should have!) kept it longer if we'd needed to. We used it from about 6 months until about 2.5 with no issues whatsoever. It was well worth the money and very sturdy.

It doesn't have the beautiful maneuverability of a jogging stroller, but it handles, on most terrains, quite well. It's bigger and bulkier than some of the more compact options, but if you can handle the weight, it's worth it. It was a bit challenging to take for very long walks (over 2 hours, for example) for my very tall husband, but not terribly so. Most people wouldn't have trouble with the handlebar height.

Our child napped easily from 6 months until we gave it away at about 2.5 years.

  • Easy to steer
  • Compact
  • Strap recline
  • Velcros around the canopy

We had the one without the leg rest adjustment - that's quite a drawback, but there are Plus ones and they have this feature. I was still bothered by the velcro around the canopy, through those places, the wind blows through. And the strap positioning, which is quite impractical... as a stroller for a short walk, when the child just sits, quite OK. It is spacious.

  • Fits a bigger child
  • Compact
  • Wheel lock
  • The canopy fades
  • The footrest cannot be properly put up
  • The backrest cannot be adjusted sufficiently
  • Uncomfortable for the child
  • The textiles tear over time
  • The stroller does not absorb shocks
  • It is difficult to walk on terrain
  • Unsuitable for smaller babies

This stroller doesn't suit us very well, mainly because the backrest can't be properly reclined, the little one is uncomfortable sitting in it, she sits uncomfortable and hunches over as it is not upright, the footrest can't be raised, the canopy's color has faded, the fabrics are starting to tear, the stroller doesn't absorb shocks much, it rattles on terrain, it's hard to walk over obstacles... and when our daughter was a baby, the stroller was too big for her. The only advantage is that it fits a bigger child and folds well for the car. We only use it for shopping.

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