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Mutsy strollers

70 parent reviews

The Dutch brand Mutsy (renamed from the original Mutsaerts) is well known for its simple, practical and stylish strollers since 1937 when their first stroller was introduced. In 1963, the brand invented a first dismountable stroller for easier transport. Since 1972, the brand focuses on highchairs too. Over time, the brand added more and more strollers to their portfolio. In 1975, it was the reclinable Sprint stroller, followed by the Ascot strollers in 1978, known for the carrycot that could be transformed into a seat; and the Monako 3in1 system in 1983. Finally, in 1997, the brand introduced the iconic Mutsy stroller with the L-shaped chassis. The brand became world famous in 2005 when the Urban Rider with a wide range of optional accessories was introduced to the market. Another popular strollers were soon added to the portfolio - an example being the multipurpose 4Rider Single Spoke or Lightweight from 2006, the versatile Transporter from 2008, the urban Evo from 2012, the iconic Igo from 2013 which was in 2018 replaced by the i2 or the 2016 practical, urban Nexo stroller. Mutsy strollers are well known for their low weight, compactness, urban design and versatility. These luxurious-looking strollers are available for a reasonable price so that even young parents should be able to afford them.

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