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Momon strollers

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Italian high-end brand Momon offers premium strollers and stroller systems. The brand responds to new trends by using stylish waterproof fabrics with UV sun protection complimented with chrome frames and practical accessories. In addition to strollers and stroller systems, Momon offers related accessories too. Momon stroller systems are rather robust and equipped with a suspension system. The mattresses in the spacious carrycots can even be inclined. The patented SAS (Shock Absorption System) and DMS (Direction Memory System) allow shock absorption and remember the position which the wheel had before lifting it from the ground. This prevents the wheels from getting blocked after getting on or off the curb. Some Momon strollers and stroller systems are produced in collaboration with Polish manufacturers, predominantly with Tako or Bebetto. Except for the rather robust Tourinot, Momon strollers are usually compact, lightweight yet featuring a high weight capacity, which makes them ideal for city or travels. If you are looking for traditional design and modern functionality and the price is not a concern, Momon strollers and stroller systems may be the option for you.