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Bebetto strollers

104 parent reviews

Bebetto is a popular polish brand of strollers, car seats, and related accessories. Bebetto strollers are designed for durability, functionality and style, yet they are still affordable. Typical robust chassis makes a Bebetto stroller suitable for more demanding terrain and uneven sidewalks. Bebetto is on trend with innovations and new technologies. For the best comfort of the child, all Bebetto strollers come with an in-built Shock Absorption System on their front wheels and the DMS (Direction Memory System). The DMS system can remember the position of the wheel before the loss of its contact with the surface. so it prevents unnecessary wheel rotation and vibration when you are lifting the stroller or coming off the curb.

One of the best known and most popular Bebetto stroller and polish strollers overall is the iconic Nico. Portfolio of Bebetto strollers contains many other strollers, mainly stroller systems. Bebetto range is regularly innovated and even offers a solution for twins or siblings, the 42 later replaced by the newer 42 2017.