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  • Spacious deep bassinet
  • The canopy is harder to handle

At the beginning, complete satisfaction. Maybe the canopy was a bit harder to pull down, but otherwise no problems. After five months of use, the brake stopped working and the bearing in the wheel went out. We are now waiting for a warranty repair (hopefully).

  • Spacious carrycot
  • Large gel wheels
  • Canopy on the stroller can be folded down against bad weather
  • The colour of the stroller is still the same as when we bought it (we have the brown-grey one)
  • Spacious basket
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Baby can be rocked nicely in the stroller
  • Easy to click the carrycot onto the structure
  • Easy folding and unfolding of the frame
  • Positioning in the carrycot is a great thing
  • Some of the bolts have rusted
  • A little heavier frame, but we don't mind

For a Polish model, a superb pram in terms of quality, use, price. Appearance-wise it is nice. I recommend the Bexa Ultra, but we haven't used the seat unit yet.

  • Nice design - everyone admires it
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious basket
  • Gel wheels
  • Retractable canopy
  • Smaller bassinet

I was choosing a stroller based on design, but I had to stay within a reasonable price range. Anyway, the stroller is quite light, the baby is 4 months old and I can still take the stroller out to the bus all by myself.

The bassinet is not quite big, but for a spring or summer baby OK, for the winter the little one will probably go into the seat unit. Easy handling, relatively spacious storage basket, maintenance-free gel wheels are great. The canpy can be fully opened - great sun and wind screen.

Quality vs. price is great

  • Design - grey with brown handle looks really elegant
  • Spacious
  • Easy to use
  • It's a bit heavy and if you travel often by car, it's also quite big in the trunk
  • When it is loaded more, the lower strings start to pop out more, so it feathers even more and sometimes it bothers me, so I always manually switch that

For a Polish product, the pram is really good. We have been using the seat part for only 2 days so I can't write much about it, but it looks promising. For me, quality vs. price is great! :-)

Great to ride

  • suspension
  • spaciousness
  • great changing of the click on parts
  • bad to handle bassinet canopy

It's great to ride. Even a child can handle it perfectly.

Quality vs. price, great

  • Design - grey with brown hand looks really elegant
  • Spacious
  • Easy to use
  • A bit heavy

For a Polish product, the pram is really great! We've been using the seat part for only a month so far, so I can't write much about it, but it looks ok. For me, quality vs. price, great!

  • Size and spaciousness of the bassinet (especially for baby)
  • Gel wheels
  • Canopy that doesn't let wind blow in at all
  • Stroller height
  • Stroller weight (seems a bit heavy to me)

Value for money 👍. A happy average, but since nothing is 100%, the weight of the stroller bothers me a bit. As the baby grows, it's harder to manipulate it up the stairs. Thank goodness I live in a house, but otherwise I definitely recommend it.

We used the bassinet for a lovely 6 months and the little one was 69 cm and weighed 8,5 kg, so the bassinet is spacious 🙂 And those gel wheels are TOP. Completely maintenance free.

  • Bassinet
  • Canopy is large
  • Wheels are large
  • Suspension
  • Large seat
  • Heavier
  • The frame creaks at times, especially when it's cold

Bassinet is superb, I am satisfied beyond measure. Seat part also great. Bad for bus or train travel, but for winter it is a perfect stroller. Also the canopy, the wheels, for a Polish pram - are fine. Satisfaction overall, especially the baby was happy there, as the seat part is quite long and spacious.

  • large bassinet
  • gel-filled, large comfortable wheels
  • suspension
  • super material handle
  • easy folding
  • canopy can be extended
  • larger frame size

I am very happy with the pram, especially when we used it in the winter time. It has one of the larger bassinets, which is great. We have the gel wheels, which I praise. I would definitely recommend it for the winter.

Probably worse for traveling and folding into a smaller car - because of the main frame, which is quite large. I will therefore be getting a pushchair later - one that is smaller. It also has a cool canopy that opens up quite a bit and keeps the wind out.

Excellent value for money


We have had the stroller for almost a year and I can only praise it. In the city and in terrain, too. Easy to steer, easy to fold and unfold.

It is a bit heavier, but nothing that can't be handled. I load it into my car 1-2 times a day and it's completely hassle free. Super extended hood, wheels and spacious bassinet with reclining system. Lots of accessories.

Recommended. Excellent value for money.

Easy to handle

  • price
  • looks
  • weight
  • for some, the bassinet might be small

I bought the pram on the internet without any specific experience. I chose mainly on the basis of appearance and price.

My daughter is 14 months old, she was born in May, and over the summer and autumn the bassinet was completely sufficient for us (in the autumn it fit with the autumn footmuff). However, we had to start using the seat for the winter.

Overall I am satisfied. The stroller is easy to handle. I often take public transport and have no problem picking it up and carrying it up the stairs myself - my daughter weighs just over 9 kg now and I can still manage.

The only thing that irritates me a bit is that I haven't figured out how to take the mat off the stroller to wash it - maybe it can't be done, or maybe I'm stupid ;)

Good for winter, but quite heavy

  • Nice and lightweight carry cot
  • Heavy
  • The seat part could be nicer, I didn't like it
  • The shopping basket could be bigger

We mainly used the carseat and the cot, the seat only a little bit. It was good for winter, but quite heavy.

  • Suspension
  • Spaciousness
  • Pretty look
  • Large storage basket
  • None

The stroller is great. The bassinet is spacious even for larger children. The stroller handles well even on worse terrain. For me, satisfaction.

  • superb wheels (withstood forest trails without problems)
  • price/quality ratio
  • large canopy on the seat part (I appreciated it when it was raining or windy)
  • I didn't like the sports part (my daughter was a year old and still seemed "drowned" in it)

As long as the little one wasn't in the seat part, everything was OK.

Great satisfaction

  • Reversible
  • Robust
  • None

We had a 3in1 set and for us, great satisfaction. Wheels top, carrycot just right, reversible seat... Satisfaction for us.

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