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  • Carrycot
  • Good suspension
  • Gel wheels
  • It's heavy
  • If you have a small car, I don't recommend it
  • The patent on my bag broke off after about a month
  • I always have to wash it, it gets dirty all the time 🙄

Overall, I am satisfied. I ride with it everywhere - in the village and in the field 😉 My little one likes it and even at almost 8 months we still ride with the carrycot. The seat unit is big. But for the sake of compactness and weight for the second one, I will get another one.

I can only recommend the beautifully coloured Bexa Cube 01 stroller. Its rainbow design makes it stand out above today's flood of black, grey and brown strollers.

The bassinet is spacious - I had my daughter in it until 8 months (8 kg) and she fit just fine. The pushchair version has a five-point harness, can be laid flat (with legs outstretched), adjustable footrest, long roof - even lying down the baby can be completely covered. Both the cot and the pushchair seat can be put rearward and forward facing.

The chassis has a spacious and fastening shopping basket clipped on. Rubber and suspension wheels. The stroller also includes a changing bag, mosquito net, raincoat and bottle holder. It folds easily.

Not suitable for small cars :-)

  • A beautiful, colorful stroller system - a great advantage and SO SO much better than any of those boring, dull-colored models (even though, those can also be attractive to some)
  • Gel-filled, maintenance-free wheels that are quiet and without the risk of a puncture
  • Large bottom bag (basket) - made out of PU leather, easy to clean, closes with a zipper - you can remove it, but why would you do it
  • Adjustable handlebar - quality, PU leather-covered
  • Spacious carrycot as well as seat unit
  • Upright seat
  • Washable inner/white fabrics
  • Quality-price ratio
  • White plastics are harder to clean
  • Clicking off the parts of the chassis - the idea is good, click a button on each side and lift with one hand; the reality is not like this, you have to hold the button and lift at the same time, it's not that smooth - it would not be a problem if the carrycot with the baby weighed a kilogram 🤷‍♀️ In this, they could learn from Bugaboo...
  • It's heavy and bulky - mainly when you travel a lot, and you expect a second child 😝🤷‍♀️
  • Carrycot hood is not washable
  • The car seat newborn position - but that might have been my fault and inexperience, but I minded that
  • The car seat hood size is good, but feels unfinished - I would have made it secured to the car seat handle 🤷‍♀️
  • The changing bag - beautiful, matching colors 😍, but a better zipper/closing system is necessary. The fabric around the magnetic closures ripped, and I had to have it repaired - the tailor sew leather parts under it to secure it better 👍
  • With the seat unit facing the world + fully reclined, there's no space to hang the bag 🤷‍♀️, but we didn't really use it like that, and it's a thing with all the Polish stroller systems...

I consider the Bexa Cube, Polish-made stroller system - one of the most beautiful prams there is. I am proud to have used it with my son. People on the street turned to admire the colors 🥰... It might seem there are more cons than pros, but even if the pros are smaller in number, they are so much more important to me than the cons :-) 👍

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