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It has no flaws

  • Appearance
  • Large wheels
  • Large mosquito net
  • Spacious cot
  • Seat is practical
  • None

Excellent stroller. Beautiful, unstoppable in the snow. It has no flaws.

Exactly what we were looking for

  • spacious bassinet
  • large inflatable wheels
  • suspension
  • retro rocking stroller
  • price
  • large and therefore not completely compact in the car
  • weight of the chassis

We were very happy with the stroller, even though we only used it for 9 months - but I chose it with this timeframe in mind. I wanted a spacious, deep pram that my son (born in June) could ride through the winter in, that was stable, cushioned and could handle our semi-collapsed sidewalks. The retro stroller type was the obvious choice right from the start, and I didn't even look for a modern one.

The original favourite was the Roan Marita, but it had a more complicated deep seat for me, so it was out of the question. Then I really wanted a Babylux Margaret - the design was great - but it had a small bassinet, so that was out too. Then we discovered the Navington, and it was love at first sight, it met everything but was out of line with the price. We gave it a lot of thought, but in the end decided it was really expensive for us. Eventually, we found Bexa in the store by chance and it was a done deal - it was exactly what we were looking for, and we ordered almost immediately.

The stroller coped well with forest terrain, snow and unpaved paths... Just, those big and wide wheels were really the right choice. The only drawback - but that is something that belongs to this stroller - is its bulky nature and weight. We didn't travel much, so this wasn't a problem either. That's why we switched to a lightweight stroller at 9 months, but that was the plan from the beginning (and why I didn't want an expensive pram).

  • Large carry cot
  • Fantastic suspension frame

The best retro stroller 👍👌 we've ever had. The carry cot is big which is a plus in the winter. Convenience for the baby - it is not crammed in the stroller.

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