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For the price, I think it's great

  • price
  • colors to choose from
  • compactness
  • attaching the cover
  • short canopy
  • the carry cot is only covered with fabric

We have this as a 2 in 1 system. For the price, I think it's great, we used it as a second stroller at our parents. I do not like the attachment of the apron cover on the stroller (it is held only by 2 studs on the sides of the canopy) and the canopy is not very large. Otherwise, the stroller is very easy and quick to fold, has a large basket, it pushes well and the hardness can be adjusted.

  • long carrycot
  • the possibility of opening a window in the canopy for better ventilation
  • the pushchair can be used in both forward and rearward direction
  • extended canopy
  • can be put in the lie-flat position
  • the basket underneath the stroller is nice - I carried the car seat in it on the bus when we wanted to go back by car
  • the canopy of the seat fell off when it rattled lightly on uneven ground
  • it was heavy, especially uphill

I used the stroller for a year and a half.

  • Long, adjustable and spacious bassinet
  • Beautiful fade-free colours
  • Cushioning
  • Light weight
  • Extended canopy on the seat
  • Can be positioned in both directions
  • Adjustable handle
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Easy handling
  • Quick folding
  • I don't have any, I don't mind anything about it

This is my fourth stroller. It is a 3 in 1 combination, but I absolutely don't mind what others do - that the stroller is on the larger side. It is roomy and lasts longer. My little one was a september baby and still rode in the bassinet at the end of April (as a 70cm baby) - still there was plenty of room...

I was forced to carry the stroller up the stairs to the fifth floor for six weeks due to an elevator change, and it wasn't the slightest problem. In the winter, it went without any problems even over heavy snow. Adjustable handle height, easy handling... I have nothing to complain about.

Id say its quite average

  • Spacious bassinet
  • Lay-flat seat unit
  • Good price
  • Large shopping basket
  • Large seat unit's hood
  • Bulky, impractical
  • Not that easy to push
  • The recline got stuck sometimes
  • After just a few walks, the color started to fade

I owned better ones. Id say its quite average.

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