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The maneuvering is good


It has a high weight, but the maneuvering is good.

The carrycot's not holding and it's shaking all over. The front wheels rattle. The folding hood (canopy) is either only at the bottom or at the top, you can't leave it in the middle. The suspension frame doesn't work and I was told by the serviceman that it is just an auxiliary suspension for maybe the park, but it still doesn't work... Although they are the only ones who make colours other than the boring grey, black and brown, but even so I would probably choose another stroller ☹️ The price absolutely does not match the quality.

  • Gorgeous color, cinnamon, every day during the summer in the sun and did not fade
  • The wheels stay on the ground even after folding, for me the biggest plus
  • Big bassinet, I carry my son in a footmuff and blanket over the winter, he's eight months old and still plenty of room
  • The basket bag is removable, so you don't have to carry the shopping and throw it into another bag
  • Seat part is big enough
  • More difficult handling
  • Inflatable wheels
  • After about three months, the design started to squeak slightly when rocking

Satisfied, although tiny mistakes are there.

  • Easy pushing
  • A cover panel that can quickly obscure the view from the stroller so that it doesn't blow or shine
  • Taking off the seat, folding the canopy - no need to press both sides at the same time
  • High quality materials and workmanship
  • Inflatable wheels with gel properties
  • It doesn't have its own drive, I have to push it :-D

I am very happy about this pram. It looks great and fulfilled everything we required from the stroller.

The bassinet and the car seat are great


The bassinet and the car seat are great, but the seat unit, when facing the parent, is making the whole pram unstable, tilting. It feels like it will fall over. With the seat facing the world, all is ok.

I think I would buy it again

  • Large carrycot - you can fit in a baby (up to 80 cm) plus a footmuff and a blanket
  • Extendable hood - we used it so many times
  • Shade also thanks to the high apron
  • You can hang a toy from the hood
  • Large basket + changing bag
  • Changing bag is really practical; we're still using it
  • Inclining backrest in the carrycot - so the baby can see the surroundings, not just the white inside of the carrycot
  • We have it in grey, and the color didn't fade - and I was using it 2-3 times a day
  • Multiple suspension points, so when the baby doesn't sleep, you can rock it until it does :-)
  • Black chassis did not get scratched
  • Too heavy
  • Started squeaking after some time, but my handy hubby fixed it
  • I find the seat unit to be too low to the ground
  • Takes up the whole boot of the car, but I guess it is like that with all these stroller systems

The price-quality ratio is optimal. And I think I would buy it again. We chose a neutral color. Overall, I am happy with it. I only didn't like how heavy it was for me - the loading and unloading in the boot were so hard... maybe if the chassis was a bit lighter...

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