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The bassinet is flawless! But I was disappointed with the seat unit.

Terribly clumsy


The carrycot is great, but the seat part is terrible. Bumper bar in totally the wrong place and a big protruding apron. Terribly clumsy. And yet the seat shoud get the longest use. Disappointing.



Very satisfied. We use the seat part still, and the little one will be 2 years old now - and still good for us ❤️Spacious.

I am absolutely happy with the Bebetto Murano stroller system - with the bassinet just as much as with the seat unit. Many features, just a great pram. 😉



A fantastic stroller system. Not much to complain about.

  • Design
  • Bad seat unit part

We bought a new Bebetto Murano 3in1 set in 2016. We only looked at the design factor, which was a mistake. Carrycot, well, was ok. We used it for 4 months, after which our son didn't fit in it anymore. The chassis with the seat unit attached was not stable, and the seat unit itself, long but narrow. We sold it and bought a higher quality stroller - primarily spacious and comfortable, not anymore looking at the design so much.

  • Easy to fold
  • Air-filled wheels
  • quite a long carrycot
  • Seat unit lays flat
  • Seat unit, when sitting, is very upright
  • Large canopy with a zipper opening
  • Car seat with an included newborn insert
  • Large basket - storage space for your shopping
  • Bag holders
  • Drink holder
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Quite a heavy chassis

I really love the overall adjustment mechanisms of this stroller system. It handles harsh terrain well. I was satisfied - with the exceptions of the chassis' weight, which is quite high, and, therefore, heavy for me. It is suitable also for taller mums.

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