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I have nothing to fault it with


I have nothing to fault it with. We are very happy with it.

The best


The best!

Very practical even for the terrain


In our opinion an absolutely great stroller. Large spacious carrycot, great stroller controlling. Very practical even for the terrain 👍 Recommended!

  • Perfect driving characteristics
  • The stroller is well sprung in several places, including optional adjustment, rocks beautifully
  • Full of practical features and complete equipment
  • Spacious enough for both the carrycot and the sports version
  • Both versions well covered
  • Seat faces both directions
  • Seat adjusts from full recline to full sitting up
  • Nice bag in the basket
  • Stroller bag is spacious enough
  • Stroller folds easily, everything is easy to replace and snaps directly onto the chassis
  • With the help of an adapter, it is also possible to attach car seats other than those from the manufacturer
  • We lost the plastic covers with the logo from the front wheels of the stroller. It doesn't affect the function, they're there for aesthetics (they cover the screw in the wheel), but it pisses me off that they just fell off
  • We had a broken brake, we fixed it ourselves. I also searched for a solution in reviews, but no one complained about the brake. I guess we were just unlucky, which can happen
  • I consider the belts in the seat to be unfinished - taking them apart to adjust or stretch the seat cushion is quite a "hassle"
  • Also, the canopy on the bassinet could have more positions - it can be just fully up, or pulled down

We bought a Bebeto Murano for our third child and I was deciding between it, Torino and Tito also from Bebeto, and other strollers from Baby Design. I'll admit that the Murano won out in the end, mainly because of the color and the fact that we have every other baby riding in a Baby Design stroller. I was extremely charmed by the light grey-yellow combination on the grey chassis and it was not only me who liked it. We were, and are, getting a lot of attention on the street. Lots of women stopped me to tell me how beautiful our stroller was. Plus, with Bebetto, I'm the only one far and wide. If you don't want a stroller that everyone has, the Bebetto is definitely a good choice.

Let's start with what makes a stroller a stroller; the chassis. With Murano you can choose its colour: white, silver or black. It is a classic four-wheeler with swivel wheels that can be locked. The locking is simple, fast. The front wheels are smaller (24 cm diameter) than the rear ones (30 cm). And the stroller is four-wheeled. The wheels are inflatable. Although they are low-profile and look more like tubeless, they are not. They are very easy to release from the chassis. The smaller front wheels are covered by mudguards. A huge plus is the excellent suspension and rocking. The chassis is sprung and damped in several places, and the amount of cushioning can be freely adjusted both at the wheels and on the chassis. The stroller also rocks beautifully. Bebetto also touts the SAS (Shock Absorption System) in its chassis, which the manufacturer says "significantly eliminates shocks transmitted to the stroller"; and the DMS (Direction Memory System) - directional memory - "keeps the wheel in the position it was in before losing contact with the surface and eliminates wheel vibration during travel." The external track width is 61 cm. The brake is a cradle brake, it is very easy to brake and unbrake and it blocks the stroller from going away from you. After braking, the stroller must be moved backwards and then forwards, otherwise it will not start. Unfortunately, we had a problem with the brake - it stopped working after nine months. The stroller was bought new, under warranty, but since we couldn't afford to be without a stroller for up to a month according to the law, we fixed it ourselves. I haven't come across any negative feedback about the brake anywhere with the Bebetto, so maybe we were just unlucky. After the repair, we didn't deal with any more problems.

The handle of the stroller is leather, height adjustable in many positions from 70 to 113 cm. The separate chassis has a weight of 9 kg and can be folded very easily and quickly by pressing the folding mechanism on the side of the chassis. I fold and carry the stroller in my car several times a week and it's all chug, chug. On the other hand, it's not exactly one of the most compact ones and takes up quite a bit of space. I drive a short Fabia and always squeeze one of the larger wheels into the trunk. The chassis also comes with a basket, which includes a very handy box (or bag) to clip into and with a handle to carry. The stroller can thus be pushed at will with just the basket, or also with the insert bag. The bag is nice, you can simply take it anywhere and you don't have to transfer things.

The bassinet is perfectly designed. It is quite big, inner dimension 79×36 cm, plastic. My little boy, weighing 5 kg at birth and measuring 53 cm, rode in it until he was 7 months old. And I believe he could still fit in there for a month, he was just already unhappy that he couldn't see out and was also already sitting up. The manufacturer states the weight of the bassinet as 4,6 kg, height 19 cm. So the whole stroller with the cradle should weigh 13,6 kg, be 124 cm high (from the ground to the top of the playpen) and 105 cm long. The whole stroller is coated with an anti-UV layer, all fabrics can be easily removed and washed. The covering material seems to me to be of quite good quality.

The mattress in the bassinet is made of coconut fibre. The bassinet can be folded, but it is quite difficult. It takes a while to get the supports out, which is why we haven't used it. But if someone wanted to carry the bassinet and fold it flat, no problem. There is a back positioner in the bassinet that has a rotating mechanism, as well as a vent adjustment underneath the bassinet, and it is very easy to manipulate. The bassinet can be used as a cradle when removed from the frame, or the swinging parts can be locked. The canopy is huge, and with the help of the zippers it can still be unfolded and pulled down to almost the bottom. There is also a ventilation hidden in the canopy with a net. A small minus can be that the canopy can only be completely up or down. There is no possible degree in between. The bassinet comes with a snap-on footrest and magnets. The footmuff covers perfectly and can, with the help of the magnet in the canopy, cover the whole pram. There is also a loop for hanging the toy.

The seat version is also very nicely designed - it has a lot of nice gadgets that will definitely make the stroller more pleasant for the child and the mother. When I unpacked the seat from the box and saw it in person, it seemed quite small at first. Especially the footrest seemed very short. But after longer use I can say that this was just a first impression. My one year old son, who is 80 cm tall, still has plenty of room in the stroller and sleeps very comfortably there even in an autumn footmuff. I don't see a problem even with an older and bigger kid, I'm not afraid of the winter footmuff either. By the age of two, the baby should fit comfortably in the stroller. And from 2 years old, not a single child has ridden in my stroller. The seat itself has a weight of 5 kg, so the stroller in the sports version weighs 14 kg. According to the manufacturer, the length of the backrest is 50 cm, the length of the seat is 27 cm, the length of the footrest is 20 cm. The inner width of the sports seat is 32 cm. The roof is high enough from the seat and the stroller can comfortably accommodate a taller child. The seat is equipped with a leather removable handle in front of the child, which is far enough away from the seat and not only is it easy to put the child in and out of the stroller, but there is also enough space for a winter footmuff. This was a problem with my previous stroller, for example. The handle was very close and the seat was so cramped.

The seat can face both ways. So the child can ride facing the parent or away from the parent. The backrest has four positions, the footrest also. The back can be put completely in the reclining position, as well as completely in the sitting position at right angles. There are seat belts with soft and padded protectors to hold the baby in place, which can be stretched to two height positions and which, probably the only thing about the stroller, annoyed me greatly. Taking them apart, for example to stretch the footmuff or to adjust it, is quite uncomfortable. Thumbs down for that. But I give a thumbs up to the amazing canopy, which is high, big, covers the child perfectly in all positions and can be made even longer and bigger by unzipping it. It also has a window in it for ventilation or a peek for parents. The seat also comes with an apron, which is spacious enough for the child to fit underneath it even in a winter jacket. It covers the child and the seat sufficiently, the one-year-old is still quite drowned under it. It also fastens with a snap and magnet, just like the bassinet.

The manufacturer also supplies a rain cover that fits both the pram and the pushchair, a mosquito net, covers for all four wheels, a drink holder and a pushchair bag. The bag is nicely designed - it is large and spacious enough, and it is divided inside. It attaches directly to the stroller structure with eyelets. The stroller can be purchased with a Bebetto car seat, or with a Maxi-Cosi, BeSafe, Cybex or Kiddy adapter. We opted for the second option and carried Maxi-Cosi on the chassis. The bassinet and seat both snap right onto the stroller, adapters are only needed for the other brands' car seats.

I am satisfied with the stroller. It has excellent driving characteristics. We do not save it, we have driven it a lot in the field, including in the mountains. The stroller is easy to maintain. The solid fabric combined with eco leather is a good idea. Where the places are very stressed, dirty, is just eco leather (wipe-clean). As I wrote at the beginning, we were getting a lot of attention with the stroller. Not everyone has a Bebetto, so the chances of you meeting a mom with the same stroller are pretty slim. For more information, I recommend the manufacturer's website where you can find instructional videos for the stroller.

You can steer it with one hand

  • Ease of steering
  • Stack of accessories
  • Handles more difficult terrain

Total satisfaction. It seems to me that it's turning almost by itself. You can steer it with one hand and it's got loads of gadgets. I wouldn't change it.

Works perfectly

  • large bassinet
  • double suspension
  • beautiful colours

The stroller works perfectly. We are satisfied.

The bassinet is flawless! But I was disappointed with the seat unit.

Terribly clumsy


The carrycot is great, but the seat part is terrible. Bumper bar in totally the wrong place and a big protruding apron. Terribly clumsy. And yet the seat shoud get the longest use. Disappointing.



Very satisfied. We use the seat part still, and the little one will be 2 years old now - and still good for us ❤️Spacious.

I am absolutely happy with the Bebetto Murano stroller system - with the bassinet just as much as with the seat unit. Many features, just a great pram. 😉



A fantastic stroller system. Not much to complain about.

  • Design
  • Bad seat unit part

We bought a new Bebetto Murano 3in1 set in 2016. We only looked at the design factor, which was a mistake. Carrycot, well, was ok. We used it for 4 months, after which our son didn't fit in it anymore. The chassis with the seat unit attached was not stable, and the seat unit itself, long but narrow. We sold it and bought a higher quality stroller - primarily spacious and comfortable, not anymore looking at the design so much.

  • Easy to fold
  • Air-filled wheels
  • quite a long carrycot
  • Seat unit lays flat
  • Seat unit, when sitting, is very upright
  • Large canopy with a zipper opening
  • Car seat with an included newborn insert
  • Large basket - storage space for your shopping
  • Bag holders
  • Drink holder
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Quite a heavy chassis

I really love the overall adjustment mechanisms of this stroller system. It handles harsh terrain well. I was satisfied - with the exceptions of the chassis' weight, which is quite high, and, therefore, heavy for me. It is suitable also for taller mums.

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