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  • light
  • easy to handle
  • hard wheels

The stroller is very nice, the canopy can be changed. It's lightweight, so great for moms who usually have to handle it on their own. The wheels rattle a bit, but we personally don't mind.

A very light, compact pram

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Large cot
  • One-handed push
  • Scratches quite a lot when travelling and it stays isible
  • I had the rear wheels changed because they didn't go well, and even then you could see that they weren't straight - although they could roll
  • The canopy on the seat doesn't stay on when lying down and sometimes closes

A very light, compact pram. For my husband it was the best, although I was bothered by some flaws. My daughter lasted until she was 8 months old in the carry cot.

Not everybody has it

  • Lightweight
  • Many colorways to choose from
  • Unusual
  • Modern
  • Hard solid wheels - the ride feel like with a toy stroller

Its awesome and lightweight. You can change the canopies and aprons as you wish. Not everybody has it.

A stylish, practical pram with a sturdy, durable chassis. A high-quality model with a luxury feel. Even though it's dark in colour, it made a positive impression everywhere we went with it. I was sad at first because I swapped from my first, snow-white robust pram, but that was quickly changed to a delight because of the practical features I got. I recommend it for households with multiple children when the practicality needs the pram to be darker, but fully black is not desirable. The soft coffee colour combined with black makes an elegant, timeless impression. And you can change the colorful parts after some time - making this pram a beloved fashion accessory.


  • Large basket
  • Reversible aprons, liners, and canopies
  • Accessories
  • Not everybody will like the small-ish ergonomic-type seat
  • Seat unit is limited for smaller children

The Slide is a good stroller system.

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