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100% satisfaction


100% satisfaction with this pram!

  • Spacious bassinet
  • Off-road
  • Spacious seat
  • Good price 👍
  • Suspension
  • Well washable and almost everything can be washed
  • Large shopping basket
  • There's plenty more to find 🙂
  • As I wrote above...
  • Higher weight
  • Overall carriage size, width
  • After some time the zipper on the changing bag broke
  • It's hard to get to the basket under the seat

Since I bought the stroller over the internet, it's my fault. The store that offered it was far away. It was new on the market and there were hardly any reviews, so it was difficult to choose right. But unfortunately I fell in love with its style and didn't care anymore about how many kgs it was 🙊 and how big it was, it was kind of like a tank. 😬😁 On top of that, there was the option to add gel wheels that don't puncture and add weight, which I didn't quite get either. Maybe for someone who lives downstairs and doesn't drag the stroller upstairs, they don't have to deal with that.

Well about the wheels, that was a buy too. 🤦 The wheels don't fit the stroller! Or at least not ours and therefore they don't fit. They hit the frame of the stroller - every time we wanted to just ride it to the curb of the sidewalk, it was impossible and we worked so hard as it wouldn't even spring.

I wanted to complain, but unfortunately I kept putting it off, and only when I pushed myself to do it nobody from the store communicate with me. I didn't even want a replacement anymore, just maybe if there was an option to buy the original inflatable wheels. Otherwise, I think the stroller would have been fine. So I hope someone else - like us - doesn't suffer from this bad decision. 🙏

Personally, I am absolutely satisfied. We live in the countryside, so we can get around with the stroller on dirt roads. Great suspension and good control even with one hand. When visiting a doctor, for example, we used the car seat adapter. I personally do not find the stroller heavy, I can lift the frame by myself, fold it and put it in the trunk of the car. It was no problem to go up two stairs to the house with the child in my arms, and I can carry it all by myself anywhere up the stairs when needed.

I would recommend a better mattress for the crib, though. It is harder to get to the basket with the seat unit, but we didn't use it for shopping anyway, just for a blanket.

The comments on the streets I have about it...

  • Love it
  • Air tires
  • It's a beautiful pram
  • No straps in pram part but the rest of it has straps

Beautiful pram, love it - the comments on the streets I have about it... I love it my baby loves it; the only downfall is the first part of the pram had no straps no strap baby in. But the seat / pushchair part has.

To go up a curb is very hard

  • looks good
  • affordable
  • nice carrycot
  • front wheels block the getting up a curb
  • the seat looks cheap

OK - the push is nice. Only to go up a curb is very hard since the front wheels often block themselves.

It is very heavy

  • It doesn't blow in on the baby
  • Stable
  • Gives a better impression of quality
  • Lockable wheels
  • Canopy cannot be positioned
  • Large weight - 20 kg
  • The design takes up a lot of space in the car (the whole trunk)
  • The bag scrapes on the ground at the bottom, definitely not for a load of shopping
  • You can't see the baby
  • It's not easy to unbrake

It doesn't suit me at all, it is very heavy.

Beware of the White Lux

  • Horrible quality
  • Very heavy

I absolutely don't recommend it. The basket gets into the wheels. Crazy heavy frame (and the pram itself). The frame also broke after a few months. The pushchair canopy falls down all the time. The pictures are MUCH better than the real life experience. Beware of the White Lux.

Lots of room in the carrycot


It's great to drive. It's light. Lots of room in the carrycot, and I like that, the baby has a lot of space...

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