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All user reviews of Baby Merc Q9

13 parent reviews
  • Spacious carrycot, my son was in it until 10 months
  • Goes over everything
  • Faces both forward and back
  • Seat goes to full recline
  • Large basket
  • A lot of accessories
  • Worse handling during folding
  • Smaller seat, although in these 3 in 1 sets it is normal

Universal – for the city and the forest.

  • relatively large carrycot
  • nice design
  • suitable for the city and also more challenging terrain
  • seat can be rear-facing or forward-facing
  • relatively large storage space
  • easy handling
  • worse to clean

The stroller is suitable for the city as well as more demanding terrain.

It does the job well

  • low price
  • accessories included
  • deep bassinet is super spacious
  • reclining even in the bassinet
  • rocks nicely
  • positioning of the legs on the seat
  • plastic covered handle in front of the child as wee as the space for the feet (great for sweaty hands and dirty shoes)
  • the handle in front of the child is adjustable
  • harder to store in the car (takes up the whole trunk)
  • a bit of a rattle on the cobbles
  • takes a grip to take the bassinet off

It's not a super modern model, but it does the job well...

  • Spacious
  • Great for bumpy roads
  • Good to sleep in it
  • Big shopping basket
  • The bag that comes with it
  • The car seat is hard to get out of the stroller skeleton
  • Too heavy
  • Very big to put it on car

The stroller itself is very comfortable for the baby, but not so much for the mom. I say this because it is very heavy, if you are alone and you want to put it in your car you will probably need help from someone, it is not recommended if you travel a lot since it is very big. The stroller material is very qualitative, I have washed it and it’s good as new, but I don’t like the plastic-like material where the baby keeps the hands, because she has bitten it and it is all chopped. Another thing that I dislike is the quality of the buckles, they are not very adjustable and are made of poor quality.

I like that it has all the stuff that a stroller needs, the mosquito net, rain and wind cover, diaper bag, etc., all included in the price.

Overall the stroller is okay, but it could have been better and possibly lighter.

Baby Merc’s after-sale service is very poor! We bought a Baby Merc and were unhappy with the quality (compared with previous models the lining is not the same: the current material used causes tiny hands to dirty it very quickly; the car seat’s material was also of a much cheaper quality material. I used to be an extremely enthusiastic supporter of Baby Merc products, but am now EXTREMELY disappointed! Complaining to them did not help (and I truly believe I was polite!) they (the importers are Baby ‘n More) replied with snotty and arrogant remarks.

ALSO BEWARE!! Do not buy anything early in your pregnancy! We bought it 7 months before our little one was born and when we opened it to use it, realized it was not what we wanted. They refuse to exchange or refund or even just LISTEN.

My first pram - and I wouldn't want any other. :-) Even though the seat reclining was not the smoothes, still, I wouldn't choose differently.

A top choice for me


The best pram/stroller system I could possibly have. Beautiful, lightweight, affordable, and everything can be washed... a top choice for me. We used it fully with both of our children.

  • Low price
  • Suspension
  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Gets stuck
  • The car seat is a catastrophe

My first stroller system. I would not want it again. I would rather buy a pre-loved carrycot-only pram, and then some practical stroller later on. There are better stroller systems than this one.

More suitable for shorter moms


Satisfaction. It is, however, more suitable for shorter moms (parents) - it is not very high. The baby has enough space in it, though. We were very using it until our little one was one year old.

Not too thrilled about it

  • Click on system
  • Ours doesn't lay flat
  • Manipulation is not good

We are not too thrilled about it.

A superb pram


It's a superb pram, in my opinion.

Great for all-terrain, but after only half a year, the chassis broke completely. So it went... away.

There are better travel systems

  • spacious
  • well-insulated
  • price-quality ratio
  • heavy
  • bulky after folding
  • difficult manipulation

The Q9 is overall robust - good for winter months. Spacious, but heavy. The manipulation was cumbersome for me - there are better travel systems.

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