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All user reviews of Baby Merc Faster Style 3

8 parent reviews


  • Completely zipped open canopy, great in winter and against wind
  • The retractable shade is a bit transparent, the child can see out even when it's all covered
  • The leather version is easy to clean and if it showers a little here and there, I don't have to put the raincoat on right away
  • Big bag included with the stroller
  • The car seat has a detachable hood and a newborn insert
  • A bit of a smaller basket under the stroller, it's hard to put your shopping in there, but it is closable

10. Excellent pram; I am happy with it.

We are happy with the stroller so far. The only thing I don't like is that the carry cot isn't big enough - especially in winter when you're dressing the baby up. Otherwise, I don't see any problem.

  • Pretty design
  • All is OK
  • For me, not a so well thought of basket - I find it difficult to access and it's small. It's rather high up, which I find a bit impractical - but it's certainly not a fault

Stroller and pushchair are great. Little one is happy in it and it suits us 😊

Light, handy, nice


We were satisfied with the stroller. Light, handy, nice. The bassinet was wide enough. Great for me.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy maneuvering and folding
  • Looks
  • Accessories included

I am very happy to have this stroller system. It's practical and perfect design-wise. I got to love this brand. And our princess loves the walks we do with her in it - she often sleeps in it, even. I don't have anything to complain about, considering the type.

The best stroller system choice for us

  • Large bassinet
  • Comfortable car seat with a newborn insert
  • Wheels can pass through a difficult terrain
  • Colors

It was the best stroller system choice for us. My daughter had a lot of space in the bassinet, even fully dressed up during the winter. The wheels were able to handle even worse terrain. We could easily fit it in the trunk of the car. The little one was also enjoying traveling in the car seat. She would always sleep the entire trip. The bonus was a beautiful grey color with white dots.

The pram itself was good, overall

  • Good even for bad terrain
  • Large bassinet
  • Spacious seat
  • Heavy to me, mainly when I'm folding it
  • The car seat is good only up to baby's three months

I had to buy an insert for the car seat because the baby's head was not at all secure in it. The pram itself was good, overall. I was happy with it.

The bassinet is not padded at all. There's just some kind of mattress, which was put straight on the plastic bottom, and the baby is laying on that, feeling everything. Yes, it is large and spacious, but my daughter is 4.5mo and barely fits inside when I put warm clothes on her.

I did not try out the seat unit - and I am not planning to. The frame is totally impractical - bulky, heavy for a woman. There is a bag/basket, but it's small, taking in only a few small things. There is a changing bag included with the pram, but that is impractical as well - there's only one strap to hold it in your hand and no strap to put over your arm, which sucks when you're holding your child in your hand. And the car seat is truly bad - just a piece of plastic covered in a bit of fabric, no padding. My daughter's head was moving right and left when inside, and when she fell asleep, her head fell forward.

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