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A lot of satisfaction


A lot of satisfaction here.

  • Perfect, large, spring-loaded wheels suitable for all terrain
  • Extremely spacious even for an older child
  • Option to extend the canopy
  • Ventilation on the canopy
  • Easy to operate and fold
  • Large basket
  • Beautiful design
  • None

I was more than satisfied with this stroller. We bought it as a triple combination and have made the most of every single part. I appreciate the deep and spacious cot, which my daughter was in until she was 10 months old - she spent most of her time in it because she didn't want to sleep in her crib. We used the seat part until 19 months, but we switched to a lighter pushchair after that. We used the car seat until 18 months.

Everything is comfortable and spacious. With this stroller, I especially appreciated the large sprung wheels, which didn't give us a problem even in the most challenging terrain. We rode in the snow with absolutely no problems and since we have wheelchair access to our apartment, I have pulled the stroller up and down stairs and it is still sturdy, doesn't squeak and is like new. Another great thing about the stroller is the large shopping basket, which I was able to fit my rain cover, car seat adapters, mosquito net, shade net, and still have plenty of room left over for small items from my shopping. I will definitely make full use of it with my second child.

  • very well cushioned
  • large shopping basket
  • adjustable handle
  • large, spacious cot
  • takes up a lot of space
  • the wheels, after 4 months of use, got a bit lopsided and sometimes got stuck when walking fast
  • car seat unsuitable for babies right from birth

As it was my first stroller, I didn't know what to expect from it. But compared to other strollers it is a great one, very well cushioned and spacious. If I were to buy it again, I would probably buy only the carrycot with the frame only, because the seat part has to be removed when fully folded and thus takes up a lot of space in the car. The seat was super larger though, spacious, with an extended hood.

  • Large cot
  • Large inflatable wheels
  • Head positioning in the cot
  • A lot of accessories
  • Large canopies on all parts of the stroller
  • Beautiful design
  • Sticking out brake cables
  • Harder seat
  • Large dimensions when folded

Our first stroller :-) Beautiful, spacious. The little one is about 9 kg and 75 cm and we can still use the carry cot part. The cot offers positioning of the baby's head (back). The beautiful pattern on the stroller drew compliments from every side. The wheels are super large - the stroller was easy to steer and had no problem even on rough terrain.

Minuses include the protruding, long cables that ran from the brake. 2 times it happened that the cable pulled out and the stroller got stuck.

The seat is a little harder. The car seat is average, but it's not a disaster.

We've put the stroller away for a second baby in the future, as we've been happy with it, and it has a long shelf life even with a larger toddler.

I would not buy a 3in1 combination anymore


Our first baby stroller. It tackles terrain, it endures a lot but over time the frame started to creak. The carrycot is great, large, with backrest positioning. The seat part is large, but very bulky. The car seat's cool. Nice accessories come with the stroller. But I would not buy a 3in1 combination anymore.

  • Size and spaciousness
  • Everything you need is included (rain cover, cup holder, ...)
  • Suspension
  • Many designs to choose from
  • Higher weight

An awesome, wide carrycot - which is hard to find nowadays. And excellent suspension system and wheels tackling any pathways we meet. The only downside is a higher weight of the pram, but here, the positives balance it easily.

The investment was overall lucrative for me - a great price-performance ratio. I was a bit afraid to buy a Polish pram, but since the designer prams are mostly comfortable for the parent (compact, lightweight, everything folds as it can, but narrow and short for the child, which is the design's outcome) and the child comes short, we went for this one, and I am not sorry we did. I would buy it again 😊

We used it a lot

  • extra large carrycot
  • small shopping basket

I am satisfied with this pram 🙂 We used it a lot.

  • Carrycot size
  • Mommy bag
  • Accessories
  • Heavy
  • Small-in-size seat unit
  • Starter squeaking after six months

We were rather happy with the carrycot, but the seat unit is another story. Very, very small space for the child. The car seat is OK.

It goes through snow like a monster


The carrycot was used 100 %; it was spacious enough. The car seat we're still using - I think it will be ok up to 9 months of my DS. We also have the Isofix base, so the manipulation is very quick and easy. The whole travel system is also easy to clean; wheels are air-filled. We only needed to inflate them once in the 7 months! It goes through snow like a monster 😃 Satisfaction so far - we'll see about the seat unit some more.

  • large bassinet
  • great suspension, suitable for any terrain
  • adjustable front wheels - easy manipulation
  • reversible seat unit
  • big car seat in matching colors (with a newborn insert)
  • all of the essential accessories included with the pram
  • large changing bag included
  • luxury design
  • none

I am very happy with this pram. It is not only beautiful (I have it in mint-white color), but it also meets all the criteria a pram should meet.

A great pram that could go through anything


A great pram that could go through anything.

I would not buy it again

  • Beautiful design
  • Comfortable carrycot
  • Large changing bag
  • Poorly-made frame
  • The wheels got warped
  • Squeaking
  • The suspension springs weaken and loosen up

Hi everyone. This pram is beautiful and comfortable. The carrycot could be bigger, but my son likes to sleep in it. The wheels, however, started to squeak loudly and got warped after the first snow. The suspension is a great thing to have, but on this pram, it doesn't really adjust, even if it seems it does, and it also loosens after being adjusted. If you put nappies and your wallet in that large changing bag, the weight on the handlebar makes the whole pram move towards the floor 😕 So it's there only for decoration, or you have to wear the bag on your arm.

The frame is slightly bent to one side - and even twice applying for warranty, it's still so. I didn't have the courage to put it back the third time; my som would grow up from it until I had it back finally...

The seat unit is also comfortable and also rather spacious, compared to the carrycot, but I don't like that the canopy only can be open or closed - nothing in between.

I would not buy it again.

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